Ah, it’s time to get my eating back on track after Germany – I am excited to eat and drink home cooked things!


I have always been a milkshake fan. Whenever mum and dad used to take me out to lunch as a young kid I would always get a big silver cup of chocolate milk and a toasted sandwich. I still love “milkshakes”, but now I use some alternative ingredients plus a daily serving of fruit to make them even more delicious.

If you have followed me for some time you will know my preference is milk alternatives, such as coconut milk. I love the creamy texture and the taste really brings out the other ingredients I add into my breakfast smoothies. It’s important when you have a liquid breakfast to manage portions, so make sure you measure things out properly. I really love that Vitasoy says how many calories are in a serving size. There is nothing worse than standing in a supermarket aisle dividing things by 4.2 to try and work out how many calories are going to be in things! Just 75 calories in a serving of Vitasoy means there’s room to move for your other ingredients.


Quick little story: I shot Vitasoy’s campaign a couple of years ago, so now my family and friends call it “Ally’s milk” – I’ve included a shot below! Such a fun shoot in Byron Bay!


For old time’s sake, I thought I would put together recipes for “chocolate banana” and “strawberry” milkshakes, still equally delicious and with fruit. These are my “oh-my-god-it’s-7am-and-I-need-breakfast-now” recipes. I tend to grab ingredients and hope for the best. And that is what these two are -the best! I love serving them in drink bottles as I can take them with me in the car or train when I sleep past my alarm!



  1. Cocao spread
  2. Coconut milk
  3. Ice
  4. avocado ( you only need a teaspoon)
  5. Banana

Blend together. Serve over ice. I bet you inhale this! So good!

This kind of tastes like coconut rough – it’s insane and really hits the spot.


  1. Strawberries or whatever berry is in season
  2. Ice
  3. Chia Seeds
  4. Protein Powder
  5. My Skinny Bliss for added nutrients

Blend together. Serve over ice. Drink up the goodness!


Author: Ally Carey

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