It’s not always easy to know what to fit working out into a busy schedule. I love staying fit and naturally, I have a few gym bag essentials I can’t live without. I thought I would share them with you today to get you motivated for your next sweat session.

In January I posted a flatlay and detailed blog post on what I carry in my gym bag. It’s now been almost 12 months, so it’s definitely time to do an update! I thought it would be fun to do a stop motion video on a) my 16 gym bag essentials b) my favorite sneakers and c) my go to sporty outfit.

I find a gym bag that is fully packed helps me maintain a regular schedule with going to the gym because then I don’t have an excuse not to go. I like to keep my absolute essentials handy at all times so I know I can get ready at the gym post work out. I also try not to over-pack – my theory is the more I am prepared a head of time, the less chance I’ll forget something in the moment.

When it comes to bags and what size you should buy it is totally up to you. I have two bags that I like to use. One is the Dion Lee for Target neoprene bag that you can see in the video below and the second is the adidas for The Iconic bag. Both are a great size for me as I can fit everything in that I need and if I do need to fit a change of clothes they are both big enough to do so. My biggest piece of advice before buying a bag is to make a list of everything that you will be putting into your bag before you go out shopping. It really helps to know ahead of time so you don’t get home and wish you had something bigger or even something less bulky.

I’m not that precious when it comes to bags with compartments. I keep my headphones and book in a separate bag inside my gym bag just so they’re protected from water and shoes, but apart from that I don’t mind not having a lot of internal pockets for things.

Watch on to see my essentials and I will go into more detail below.


  1. Make-up bag for post work-out face: Tinted moisturiser, mascara, powder, lipgloss/stick, bronzer
  2. Calming spray by Jurlique: Such a nice cooling sensation and I find that it helps reduce my red face quicker
  3. Batiste Dry Shampoo: I always like this brand because the bottles are so big and I go through A LOT of dry shampoo trust me.
  4. Small bottle of Aesop Cleanser: A very small bottle of cleanser because I don’t think make-up wipes cut it!
  5. Mints: Because thick saliva after a work-out is gross
  6. Head-phones: No explanation needed.
  7. Phone: For music, fitbit app, timer and NOT social media in-between sets
  8. Water bottle: I have a few different ones I like, but this one is my biggest one.
  9. Pen and Note pad: To keep track of your exercises and to list the amount of weights you did each day
  10. Sanitiser: GERMS. EVERYWHERE. But seriously, gyms are one of the least hygienic places!
  11. Deodorant by the Body Shop: A sports one is always a must! I definitely think it helps.
  12. A spare thing of hair elastics: I’ve learned the hard way! Always keep a spare packet handy.
  13. Towel: I didn’t think I would need a towel when I first started at Virgin Active – boy was I wrong!
  14. Brush: A hairbrush is something I would always forget! My gym has GHD hair straightener and blow-dryers in the dressing room which is really cool, so now I always remember a brush!
  15. Paw-paw or chapstick: There’s nothing worse than dry lips when you’re running!
  16. Spare clothes: Just so you don’t have to head home and grab clothes if you don’t have to!


  1. adidas Ultra Boosts
  2. Nike Roshe
  3. Nike Flyknit Roshe
  4. Nike (forgotten the style!!) Bare with me.


  1. Supre Shorts
  2. Supre T-shirt
  3. Nike Sports bra
  4. adidas Stan Smith sneakers
  5. Fitbit

I hope you liked my video! What do you carry in your gym bag? #WHATSINMYGYMBAG


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