It’s funny how things come together…


My last experience with taking photos in a semi-extreme location left me with nearly dead. I don’t set out to push boundaries, but when I get an idea in my head I generally like to go for it. I asked Jonathan if we could take photos on top of our roof, with the horizon as the picturesque backdrop – understandable, right? There may have been a slight hesitation when he answered with “yes”. He knows I can be clumsy (I blame my height for this) and I guess clumsy and 12 ft in the air aren’t really a recipe for success.


I am wearing two Australian labels who are doing so well at the moment. 1) Hansen And Gretel and 2) House Of Cards. I picked them up from The Grand Social, which I discovered in Oct 2012! I bought my first ever Three Of Something dress from there! How funny; then I started modelling for them and then I was the one on The Grand Social! The world is a funny place sometimes, don’t you think?

Another funny situation, well not funny, just a coincidence really, is I used to work with Ashiya from House Of Cards in 2007-2009. It is so amazing to see another creative doing what she loves; and doing it well! Her designs are so fresh and unique and I really like the way she pushes boundaries with concepts, structure and prints.

Ainsley from Hansen and Gretel gets it right every time. I dig the androgynous approach to her designs, and it is a style which I am drawn to a lot lately. I think it suits me more than what I used to adore when I was 18-20 years old. My style is evolving constantly and finding what works for me is a work in progress. As my influences and inspiration change, so does my style. I have been drawn to classic designs with intricate prints and fabrics; it offers more variety to my every day look.


If you’re after a hub for up and coming or established Australian Designer’s, I would suggest looking at The Grand Social – If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been introduced to some of my now favourite brands!

Also, thank you all for such great feedback to yesterday’s post in “social media pressure”, I really appreciate that you took the time to read through.



House Of Cards Fresh Prince Dress (Via The Grand Social) + Hansen & Gretel Mich Jacket (Via The Grand Social + Miss Guided Heels + VALÉRE Jewellery


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