Wearing: Glassons Dungrees, Therapy Underground Brogues, Cotton On tee, Fallen Broken Street Hat, Karen Walker Skull Necklace, YSL lipstick

Because the ‘90’s are making a huge come back I’m going to list a bunch of crap that I miss about the 90’s. [note: these may or may not be listed in any particular order]

  • 1. Catdog – Among some of the best television shows – that and Roco’s Modern Life, Arthur and The Wild Thornberry’s
  • 2. Furbies – I still have nightmares about those things
  • 3. Tamagotchi – Mum, I’m still waiting for you to buy me one.
  • 4. Ninja Turtles – Totally worth getting up early every Saturday
  • 5. Play Station 1 – Who doesn’t love a thumb sheddreding D-pad
  • 6. Having to wait for my parents to get off the phone to use the internet
  • 7. Racing home to watch Passions – I know I’m not alone in this
  • 8. Ring Pops – Blue was the best flavour
  • 9. Going to the skate/ leisure centre to go roller blading, spent most of the time buying lollies such as: Big Bosses, War Heads and Pink Fizzers
  • 10. My sister’s Looney Tunes/ Looney Tunes Techno Tazo collection – It was out of this world, she had the entire folder filled up. To this day I’ve always been jealous.

What are some of your favourite ‘90’s things?

Photos by: Jonathan Hayward

Author: Ally Carey

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