Much like a bag spill or sticky beak through a makeup cupboard, I am incredible osmotic when it comes to  reading about others’ organisational systems. I thought I would share mine today, but would also love to hear your methods because I like knowing how people get shit done / make life easier for themselves.


Monday has rolled around again. I am finally in my new, old house. New because it’s freshly renovated, old because, well, it wasn’t renovated into what it is now, three months ago when we moved out. I could insert a whole paragraph here about how the universe has plans for everyone and talk about the fact that things seem to have a weird way of working out, but it’s 8:30am on a Monday morning and I haven’t had enough coffee to be rambling on with that kind of bullshit. That’s a whole other article. Don’t worry I won’t make any mention of manifestation.

It’s been a while since I have sat at my desk. Even now, I am typing from JD’s as there is construction still happening in my kitchen. My desk is currently buried underneath a host of moving boxes and other miscellaneous items that I have thrown in my office because I have been too worn out to organise it yet. Well, at least that’s where I think my desk is. Anything is possible – today’s heat induce daze has me so incoherent. Insert snooze emoji here.

I consider myself fairly organised, but there are definitely times when I get a little lax about my organisational rules (read: I constantly visit a place I like to call “Mount Clothesmore”), so there’s always room for improvement. I wish and I mean I really wish, I was like one of those perfectly curated instagram feeds all the time.



I would have thought that I would have become quite lax while traveling. Don’t get me wrong – it’s been incredibly tough at times, but these rules have really helped me get shit done and somewhat keep some normalcy in my life.

I think that these rules help you out no matter what day you begin – everyone always says “things to do on a Monday“, but I am a huge believer in being able to get into new habits no matter what day it is.

  1. Simplify your tasks for the day: Break it down so it isn’t overwhelming. A way to do this is: create a list with the three most important things you need to get done at the top, then everything else will fall in to place. Also: it’s worth mentioning only completing one thing at a time. I think in todays day and age we all get caught up with several tasks at once. For me that’s a) responding to emails b)editing c) writing.
  2. Keep a to-do list that syncs with your mobile phone: For me, this was a proverbial godsend. Without it I would’ve lost my marbles too many times to count. By keeping your phone and computer synced it means you can add things on the go.
  3. Dates: Give yourself a due date or stick to due dates from your boss or clients: sometimes external factors can prevent you from reaching these, but try to stick to dates where possible.
  4. Learn to say no: I’ve slowly been learning not to overextend myself.
  5. Keep things simple and keep less: Last weeks declutter blog post will help you if you don’t know where to begin!
  6. Listen to something that keeps you motivated: Really chilled music or a Podcast that isn’t too distracting. At the moment I am hooked on murder podcasts. I am not a closet crazy person, I just love true crime. I switch between large headphones and earbuds – I have been trying our Sudio Sweden Headphones while overseas. They are kind enough to offer you guy a discount: substanceblog
  7. Keep a physical and digital copy of what you need to do: I love this because I find writing things down commits them to memory a lot more!

I love being given recommendations, or uncovering them accidentally, or hearing from you! So let me know your favourite tips in the comment section below!!




Author: Ally Carey

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