A quick update from Germany, whilst I make use of the hotel’s wifi, simultaneously stuffing my face with room-service currywurst, which I have fallen in love with at first bite.


We set off on a 30-something hour journey to Germany on Saturday night after I hosted a little event for Manicare. With two lay-overs I figured I would be extremely tired by the time we reached Nürnberg at 5:30 on Sunday evening (local time) but fatigue lost out to excitement and the feeling of tiredness never surfaced.

As a kid, I played a lot of sports, I guess this is why I love living a healthy lifestyle now – it’s been ingrained in me for years that I need to constantly move my body and look after myself, inside and out. adidas of course was one of the first sports labels my parents bought me. I still remember a pair of black “swishy” shorts, as I liked to call them – they featured a large adidas logo on the bum and a basketball netting on the inside. I stole them from my brother, of all people and used to change into them at school of a morning in years 5-6. All the girls in my small country town wore this style of shorts. At that age if there was a bandwagon, I always wanted to be one of the first to jump on it, but I would have to quickly change before I got home of an afternoon as my mother would have grounded me if she had known I wasn’t wearing the correct uniform. As a teacher she was, I guess, obligated to have her daughter follow school rules.

I guess what I am trying to say is, when I look back over my life, personal style evolution and the brands I have known in this time, adidas is one of the first to have left a mark. It’s incredible and a definite “pinch me” moment to know I am sixteen-thousand-odd kilometres from home right now to meet with the global team of adidas and to see where all the magic happens. I never would have thought something like this would happen and that’s the beauty in life.



I think traveling and I are meant to be. I haven’t really hit that jetlag slump, which is great, because there has just been no time for it. Sure I am tired, but that is because the last few days have been filled with shooting, styling and meetings. And then some more shooting and styling. And then another meeting or two. I don’t think I would be any more sleepy if I was at home. In saying that, we did choose to stay in tonight, just for a little bit of downtime and to just enjoy the moment – the next few days are going to be filled with exploring and jammed packed tourist adventures.



Our lay-overs were in Abu Dhabi and Turkey, both of which I have never been to before. Flying into both cities they looked undeniably stunning, so I would love to explore both very soon! I had never left Australia four months ago, and now I have been three times in four months and I think I have caught onto this whole travel bug situation.


It is extremely difficult to not pack everything I own before leaving on travels. I was blessed to receive a new Crumpler suitcase just prior to leaving (as did Jonathan) – Friday to be exact, so it left a brief 12 hours to choose what lucky pieces would come away with me. I have some really great outfits to share with out over the next week or so – including some great new work out pieces! More on my luggage soon!



Nürnberg is an incredible city in Germany and where we based ourselves the past few days. It’s about 45 minutes from where adidas headquarters are. The city is filled with cobblestone alleyways, quaint pubs and super adorable houses. I am really glad we got to see the countryside before we made our way to Berlin today; it gave Germany a bit more dimension – it’s always nice to see places that you would not have necessarily gone to.

I feel like I didn’t get enough days to explore everything Nürnberg has to offer. Situated on the Pegnitz river, Nürnberg is built within a defensive brick wall and boasts an amazing castle. Together with the city walls, the castle is considered to be one of Europe’s most formidable medieval fortifications. In the very last image you can see the brick wall. After dinner on Monday night the adidas team, graciously showed us the sights and the view from the castle. It ended up being a very long and unexpectedly intense walk – as it turns out, cobblestones and heels aren’t a great mix.



I have so much to share with you – including some exclusive looks at adidas HQ, some outfit posts and fitness posts, so be sure to hang tight and pray for consistent wifi.

Happy Thursday, wherever you are!


Author: Ally Carey

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  1. Adidas were my first sports brand I bought. I remember dragging my Mum into one of the sports stores and begging her to buy me a pair of those pants with the press studs down the sides. I wore them any chance I had!
    Travelling is SO much fun! It’s very addictive! Germany is on the list of places I’d love to go, in fact, I’d love to just tour all around Europe. It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more photos!

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