Until last week I had never had a facial – surely I am not the only one so I thought I would write about my experience so you could see first hand what they’re like (the good and the bad).


Lately I have been trying to take better care of my skin – that means actually investing in a night cream, exfoliating more than once a fortnight, buying eye cream and actually using it and I also had my first ever facial(s).

Coming out of Winter my skin has been super dry around my nose, under my eyes and centre of my chin, so I have been trying to get it in a lot healthier condition – it makes a lot of difference to my confidence when my skin is in great condition. I feel happier and I am more outgoing. Also, now that the weather is warming up, I like to wear less foundation / opt for lighter coverage, but because my skin has been dry / suffering from a terrible breakout episode I’ve been wear full coverage, which is basically fueling the fire. I’m hoping that with these facials I can go make-up free and start fresh.

I booked in for my first ever Peel Accelerator and Cleansing Microdermabrasion but before I started I did a whole lot of research before I went in for my first session. There is so many mixed reviews on the internet, but what I learned is basically that it removes the top layer of dead skin cells and exposes the ‘fresh’ ones underneath. I also learned that it is great for most skin types. My skin tends to fall into the “combination skin” category, so I wanted to make sure everything would be okay and no horrible side effects occurred (just to be on the safe side). So to clarify: Both treatments renew, brighten and clear the skin! Hooray!

Read on to see my experiences.


This was three days after the Micro. I experienced break-outs, which I was warned about. Sometimes treatments like this bring out what’s under the skin. I had small pimples over my forehead and on my chin. They lasted about three days. Definitely more pimples than I would usually get in any one week, but once my skin settled my skin felt clear


This is a quick selfie I took mid way through the peel today, so I could show you the consistency and just how attractive I look under florescent light with glycolic acid on my face – Ha! At the moment my skin is feeling super fresh.

I’ll update this article in a few days to let you know how it looks, feels etc.

Cleansing Micro – My Thoughts

Like I mentioned I had never had a treatment like this before so everything from the feeling of the micro crystals, to the suction was all new to me. The feeling was a little odd to begin with, it is quite rough and abrasive – but once you get used to that feeling, it’s fine.

At the end I asked if I could see the filter pad of the machine. I love Embarrassing Bodies, the television show or any weird body things like that, so seeing the “bad” stuff from my skin was like my very own version of that.

My skin’s appearance was fresh and glowing afterwards and I felt like it made a difference to the texture, once the pimples subsided.

I would definitely get a micro again. I didn’t like how my skin broke out, but the feeling afterwards was great!

I am currently using this in conjunction with peels as well – as per the suggestion of Laser Clinic.

This is the treatment I got

Peel Accelerator – My Thoughts

This is different to a micro. It is an anti-inflammatory exfoliating peel that works to reduce dead skin cell build up. It is a deep exfoliation and I preferred it to the micro. It really felt like it was working while on my skin – getting down and cleaning it out.

The first part tingles / slight stinging feeling and it’s a warm sensation on the skin. The tingling is quite a lot to begin with, but it subsides about 4 minutes into the treatment. NB: Everyone is different. These things combined really makes you feel like its cleaning your skin!

The after feeling was the best part about this – I compared it to that “just finished exercising glow”. Your skin feels tight, warm and coll at the same time. Kind of like if you’re warm from being inside on a winter’s day and then you go outside to really cool winds. I’m weird – I just love that feeling.

My skin was red in parts after this (around my nose, chin and lower cheeks), but it only lasted an hour or so!

I will definitely great this again, based on how my skin is feeling at the moment.

This is the treatments I got


More information at Laser Clinic.

This weeks sale for LCA is the ‘Clearing sale’ – $100 Peel Accelerator and Cleansing Microdermabrasion (+Glycolic Cleanser $30) this ends on the 22nd of Sep.

I will be doing about two more facials and I am also doing laser hair at the moment so I thought it would be fun to review these things as I go as they’re all so new to me and it would be great to pass on my knowledge. I am that person who asks a million questions in a session. Ha.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and I hope it helped with any questions you’ve had about either of these treatments. Don’t be afraid to reach out it you want to know more!

Have a great weekend!





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