The perfect outfit for those days you just don’t know what to wear – because this combination works every. single. time.


Forever New Jeans, Forever New Knit, Forever New Bag, RMK Shoes, Mink Pink Glasses



A relaxed outfit for a bit of exploring with Jonathan – we stumbled across this cute location about 40 minutes north of our house. I’ve always dreamed to get an old caravan and do it up and then travel around for a month or so – it would be so relaxing.

Moving on to my jeans! They’re super skinny – which I love – and feature a high waist,  which works well for my body type. I much prefer high waist jeans. The knit I am wearing is perfect for that not-quite-hot-but-not-quite-cold weather Australia is experiencing at the moment. I am loving the texture of the chunky knits this season. My style is very much relaxed, so expect a lot more: Jeans, over-sized jackets, sneakers, dresses and sneakers coming soon.

Jeans, knit and a pair of killer mules – there isn’t much better. Please note: If you close your eye and pat this jumper you can pretend you have a dog for just one night. *I’ll show myself out*.







Author: Ally Carey

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