As far as outfits of the day go – this is right up there with one of my favourites. Nothing beats neutral tones and this cream leather jacket… I am definitely a convert to the neutral trend this season.


Jonathan and I have quite a few projects happening all at once at the moment and we are currently driving down to Sydney from the Coast for me to go to photo shoot, then a meeting then Les Mis tonight at The Capitol Theater, which we are both super excited about!

I wore this outfit earlier in the week, but have only just now gotten a chance to show you! It’s a great neutral toned Autumn look filled with beautiful textures.  When dressing in neutral tones it’s important to mix and match different fabrications – leather, denim, soft cotton, faux fur and gold hardware gives an otherwise basic outfit an edge.

For those wondering about the fit of these jeans – they are really, really great. They have a great amount of stretch and hold everything in!

I need to stop typing now before I throw up – typing while being in a car is really not a recipe for success.


Forever New Jeans, Forever New Leather Jacket, Forever New Tank, Forever New Boots


Jonathan Hayward








Author: Ally Carey

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3 thoughts on “Neutral Tones”

  1. I was going to say, great work typing in the car! It makes me so sick too. I try it when I get a chauffeur to events (thank you blogger life!), but always end up spending the rest of the trip forcing myself not to throw up. Oh well.

    Those jeans were seriously made for you girl. Best legs for jeans, I swear. #suchababe

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