A guide to Bondi and our three favourite things to do there! It’s more than just a beach!


I finally recognize and appreciate that not all friendships are meant to last, and that each friendship you’ve ever had plays a certain role in your life. Over the years people have come and gone – depending on where I worked, where I lived and some have just casually fizzled out. Some people you may not have things in common with, so it all falls by the wayside. Some people may change into a different person and you may not agree with how they’re living their life, so your friendship falls apart. Other times, both of your lives may have shifted and you just accidentally go separate ways.

The friendships who don’t hang around end up teaching you more about life or your expectations than you realised at the time. Cue: #everythinghappensforareason

The girls and guys I consider close friends now are an awesome mix of friends I’ve made throughout my life. We’ve gone through life together and it’s so nice to share that experience. Now that we’re all within our 20s, 30s and 40s – we’re really starting to experience that next level of friendship – there’s weddings, babies, group holidays et al. Growing together mentally and experiencing these things together is such a bonding experience.

My friends are all spread out but when we get together we’ll be waiting to pick back up wherever it was we left off. At the end of the day, that is what true friendship is – something we know we can always fall back on and someone we can trust no matter what. I know that all my current friendships will only continue to grow stronger and deeper with time.


Today I am introducing you to my friend Harri. You may have met her in this vlog I filmed while I was in London. Up until recently, she was living there. I went to visit last year, and unsuccessfully packed her in my suitcase home – something about being dangerous and not allowed to put people in suitcases. I think that genuine connections can be hard to find as an adult. I remember moving to Queensland three days after I finished Year 12, thinking how am I meant to make friends now that I don’t go to School? Luckily, I quickly found out and met some of the best people, like, ever.

I met Harri at one of my first jobs out of school and we haven’t looked back since. We get each other. We are goofballs. We like a lot of the same things. She tries to get me to watch things like: The Bachelorette and KUWTK and I finally caved the last season past. We can chat for hours. I send her crazy things on Snapchat and there is no judgement (at least that’s what she tells me). And even though she lived in London for two years, we never let that affect our friendship – if anything it made us better friends.

JD, Harri and I moved to Sydney on the same day, seven months ago (but at the time we filmed this we had only been here a week or two). We’ve all been exploring new places at any chance we get!

A few months ago Harri and I drove around the eastern suburbs exploring in a Mazda2 (Sorry for the delay in posting this!!). As we both live Inner West / Northern Beaches, we haven’t explored the east as much as we’d have liked. Luckily we got to use on-screen navigation, otherwise my navigation skills would have ended up driving in circles. The Mazda2 is such a cute, stylish little car. I was so nervous when we moved to Sydney that parking would be so hard everywhere we go – the reverse parking camera definitely comes in handy! Being able to explore Sydney with my best friends has been such a great experience. It’s nice to all move somewhere fresh and discover it all at the same time. We keep finding ourselves saying “I saw this on Instagram – do you want to go there? Harri and my lists combined are the most extensive things ever. And they’re basically all food. Whoops.

I still can’t believe we agreed on the same music for the 5 hours we were out – being music lovers and also somewhat technically inept, we appreciated how easy it is to use Pandora on MZD Connect. MZD Connect is such an easy system to use! You may have even seen my Tweets and Facebook Posts on the day we filmed this…all through MZD Connect! Also: what’s really cool is you can also receive text messages through it as well – and by that I mean you can receive cutesy text messages (read aloud through the speaker) from your better half that make your best friend feel uneasy. #awkies.

We also FINALLY did the Bondi to Bronte walk – thunderstorms and all!! So I really feel like a Sydney-sider now. We also ticked off a cafe from “My top ten healthy cafes in Sydney”, blog post, which I am so stoked about. Henley’s Wholefoods is delicious. Make sure you watch all the way through my video / vlog below to see what we ate, our terrible dancing, where we drove around, what we did and all our favourite places in Sydney for October 2015!

PS: Thank you to JD and Harri for helping me with this blog post! It was so fun to work on a blog post together!

Stay tuned for more Sydney “must visit” places or even other cities when I go to visit some pals soon!


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