If there’s a war on Christmas, Christmas is effing winning. I am not going to lie, I have been thinking about Christmas. A LOT.

And because of this, I have put together the first lot of things I thing should probably make your Christmas List. And probably your definitive Christmas list you leave around (stuck to the fridge) for someone to pick up on.

Did I mention each item is under $100?




Just Because Shoes: The name is rather fitting. They’re 100% leather and 200% comfortable. I have worn them so much this past month. They are as versatile as shoes can get. You need them, Just Because. I still can’t decide if that joke was venturing in to dad joke territory. Safron: Natural $69.95

Cue Sunglasses: A cat eye pair of sunglasses is a style every girl needs. They’re the pair you can throw on when you’re heading to the beach, chuck on top of your head (don’t tell them I said that) to tame those unruly beach curls and also wear in the afternoon in summer while you’re probably sipping on some ridiculously good cocktail. See, I am already predicting just how amazing your Summer is going to be. Glasses: Stevie Mushroom $69.95

Peony Swimmers: A brand I discovered recently is Peony Swimwear. Gold Coast based so you know, they know their shit. The bottoms are pretty brief so they make for great tanning! Bottoms: String Bikini $89 Top: Ruched Bottoms $89

Sol Bellow Towel: A beach towel which is light weight and made of cotton instead of terry toweling! Halle-freaking-lujah. It also secretly doubles as a sarong as well, so it’s really one of those two birds type of moments. Towel: Hamam $39.95

Victoria Beckham Intimately Yours Perfume: It’s fresh, inexpensive and sweet. Because of these three factors I find it to be a great beach style spray instead of those horrible body sprays you used to dose your lungs up on in high school. Perfume: Intimately Yours $50

Author: Ally Carey

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