Tonight I am chatting about my fitness goals and how you can achieve yours and also, how to actually follow through! There’s no better time than the weekend to get motivated.

When I think of goal setting I automatically think “dream big”, “sky’s the limit”, etc, etc. However when it comes to fitness goals I believe you should make calculated goals in order to be able to achieve them. You need to be setting yourself up for success, rather than starting out too big and falling short. Trust me, falling short of goals because you have made them too big and put a short time frame on them is such a crappy feeling.

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I have been speaking all week about City2Surf, as I have always wanted to run it. I really wanted to last year – looking back I am not really sure why I didn’t! I think I started out with the best of intentions, but my willpower lacked due to the fact I hadn’t made it a goal of mine to achieve.

Right now I am full of energy and completely motivated to complete C2S 2014! It is a realistic goal to achieve and a goal I can keep track of between now and the 10th of August.

I need to take small steps to gradually build up my mileage and endurance. I’m not going to make the mistake of trying to do too much too soon, but I do recognise I need to up the level of training to be able to make the entire 15km, without vomiting / dying / vomiting so much that I die.

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My best advice to you is really think about your goal and write it down. For reference these are my guidelines I like to follow and a pattern which works for me:

  1. Work out what your ultimate goal is.
  2. Make your goals known to others. Though in saying that you can just write it down and keep it to yourself.
  3. Work out the best way to achieve your goal.
  4. Break down your ultimate goal into small, specific and achievable mini-goals.
  5. Monitor your progress regularly.

fitness goals


I am notorious for being super hard on myself. I am self critical a lot of the time. I don’t lack self-confidence, I just have high standards for myself. I like my work to be better each time, and same goes for my fitness levels. I like to know I achieve goals and I like to be accurate with the dates I achieve them by. This however isn’t always a good thing. Being too ambitious with things can be just as detrimental as it can be helpful. You can get lost and you tend to beat yourself up (read: not literally of course) if you haven’t been able to achieve things. Even just this week, because I have had so many things on, I have fallen a little behind schedule and I have stressed myself out because I have put those deadlines on myself – in reality it doesn’t matter that these little things haven’t been achieved, it just would have been unreal if I had have.

Gosh, could I sound any more cryptic? What a jerk!

So, recognise you’re worth the effort and don’t put a tonne of stress on yourself to achieve things, just the right amount. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with holding yourself accountable.

fitness goals


I have fallen head over heels for 2XU Sportswear. Their range is simply stunning. It is among some of the comfiest sportswear I have worn. The fabrics are lightweight, yet warm and definitely durable. I like the plan design as well. Sometimes, especially in winter you just want to throw on gear that isn’t too colourful, or busy with prints. I will definitely be investing in some more – I have my eyes on the 2XU tights and jackets (it’s getting far too cold for me).

Also: for functionality, the waistband on the jumper is so good, it grabs to your hips so when you run, it doesn’t ride up! Hell yeah.


Are you participating in C2S this year? If so let me know!

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  1. This piece you have written right here has given me the inspiration to get back into fitness and to set realistic fitness goals for myself. This piece is definitely helpful for my fitness journey! Thank you!

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