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Finding The Perfect White T-Shirt

The sartorial blank canvas that has so much potential – I am so excited to share my design collaboration with Citizen Wolf today. I have created the perfect white t-shirt for you…

If the calm would allow /
I would just be floating now





There is a reason that the humble white tee has remained a constant in our closets – it is so classic. I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I have tried and tested most trends as they filter through each season; from crop tops, to sequins, but nothing has ever made me feel more incredible than a worn-in, white tee.

My drawer is filled with countless options when it comes to tees. I have kept ones from years past – guilty of hanging onto things for longer than I need to, but what girl doesn’t. I, and many other people are always on the quest to find that t-shirt that basically melts to our figure. It falls perfectly, it doesn’t shrink or stretch within the first wash cycle. The problem I have found over the years is that the idea of the perfect t-shirt is different to so many brands.

Various brands claim to make the perfect tee – but how can there be a t-shirt that fits every unique body perfectly?

For something that is the foundation for any look you want to create, the right fit is essential. Today I am sharing my design collaboration with Citizen Wolf, a local bespoke Australian label that I am proud to be associated with. They’re ethical and are doing their part to bring back creation to its most sincere form – a tailoring option so you can make sure your tee fits you perfectly. They don’t mass produce and they’re community minded – all of which is very important for us at Substance. We only like to collaborate with ethical, like-minded brands.


Like a WolF

My design process took about an hour. I wanted my design to remain in its purest form — no unnecessary design elements or superfluous add-ons, which I am lucky because it’s what Citizen Wolf do so well.


I kept the finishings raw, with a one roll sleeve so you could see the stitching. In saying that, the sleeves are long enough to be flattering, but not too long.

I prefer a straight hemline when it comes to t-shirts – I am fussy with things like that, so I made sure my t-shirt design had a straight finish.


It’s a straight silhouette with a relaxed fit that still looks polished, as I love that boyfriend fit, but I love a refined classic piece.


Over the years I have found that over-sized is best, so I kept it a size larger. My base design is a size 10 as I think you should always go up a size when it comes to t-shirts, blouses and knits.

Because Citizen Wolf tailor any tee to you, if you love this t-shirt I created but you need to change something, just ask!


Fabric wise I kept it light – 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton. I love how a lighter t-shirt falls as well as it being the most versatile to be able to wear it with skirts and other feminine pieces.

All in all my design is a comfortable, minimal, classic with a slight well-worn feel.
I hope you guys what you see, you can shop THE ALLY MAY here



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