A little bit of his, a little bit of mine. What’s in both our bags? And other items we both are loving at the moment?

crumpler bags

You can probably gather by now that between Jonathan and myself we’re quite the technological couple. My friends always laugh at how many computers and cameras we have between the two of us. Just to clarify, it’s not an absurd about, it’s just probably more than your regular house hold.

Jonathan is a photographer and web designer / developer which works out perfectly for me, considering my area of work! Our jobs go hand in hand a lot of the time, which we both thoroughly enjoy! We shot together on Monday!

Jonathan heads to a lot of meetings and shoots and normally the standard bags you can get to house your camera in aren’t that nice to look at. They’re black, they’re bulky and certainly have no fashion quality about them. He introduced me to Crumpler at Christmas! A laptop bag was on his list way back then and he really, really wanted a Crumpler one. I went into their Bondi Junction store and picked him a simple, yet sophisticated black, grey and red bag (which he uses all the time). In fact I wanted to shoot it for this post, but he has it with him today! Damn.

Big thank you to Crumpler for replacing Jonathan’s Crumpler bag after our terrible accident in April.

crumpler bags

Here’s a fun fact: Jonathan loves shoes. He skates a lot, follows trends and wears the sickest sneakers all the time. I actually envy his collection most of the time.

crumpler bags


Nike Sneakers, Levi Jeans, Crumpler Camera Bag, Apple Laptop, Canon 5D, River Island Boardies, Nixon Watch


Santa Jonathan bought me a laptop for Christmas (I was using my iMac up until Dec 25th). I found myself needing a laptop when I went to Sydney for the downtime between meetings and now that I am freelancing a lot more than I used to I need to be able to work where ever the client is. I was chucking my laptop in my handbag (because laptop bag are horrendous), up until I joined the Crumpler club with my spotty little number. It is the perfect size for me – not to big, not full of unnecessary padding and it’s so damn cute. Crumpler have definitely filled a gap in the market!


When it comes to my “tech” things, I love things to match: cue matching headphones, USB and phone cases… And of course they had to match my bag as well. I am a little bit of a nerd! Ha.

PS: Shout out to one of my Best Friends for my customised “Substance” Moleskin notepad. It rocks my proverbial world.


Sorry for my absense. I have been shooting and I have been sick, oh and I got teeth removed today – Not fun at all!! I get Invisalign in a week or so and needed teeth removed for that. Can’t wait for straight teeth.



Apple Laptop, Happy Plugs Phonecase + headphones + USB cord, Crumpler Laptop Bag, Boohoo Official Shoes, Personalised “Substance” Moleskin, Icon Mug, Sunday Somewhere Glasses

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