You have 10 minutes to get ready and leave the house, what do you reach for in the way of makeup? To me if I was extremely pressed for time these are the items I would reach for, without fail. For me, it’s products that allow me to do my makeup quickly and efficiently.

Some of these products I have been using a long time and others are new. The new ones I have been using about a month, so I will give you a run down of my thoughts so far! The older ones – you’ll notice them because they’re either empty, nearly empty or broken! Whoops!

I use a mix of products from drugstore to higher (middle range).






I have been using this roughly two months now. I love the velvety feel. I don’t know whether it leaves my forehead a touch shiny or if that has been happening because of the heatwave we’ve been experiencing here in Australia lately.

It’s consistency is great and it absorbs fast which is great for when you’re in a hurry. Also, it is a brightening primer too. Hellllo looking like I actually got 8 hours sleep.

MECCA PRIMER $38: Available here



Lately – well for roughly four months I have been using the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz, but at Christmas someone stupid (READ: me) stepped on it and broke the spooly off. I still love it and use it daily, but now I just use a different spooly.

When I am going for more of a undone look, or am time poor, I use the Benefit Brow Gel.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz $38: Available here

Benefit Brow Gimme Brow Gel $24: Available here



Around Christmas I went to the Mecca store in Myer to change up my foundation and I left with a NARS foundation. It was a massive change for me as I have been using MAC for years. I love the finish of this foundation and it is easy to apply. The Mecca base and this foundation are perfect together.

I tend not to use this foundation if my skin is dry as it has a matte finish.

NARS Foundation $55: Available here



I am completely and utter obsessed with this product. You can see by the photo I have just bought another one as I just finished my last one. It may be drugstore, but I love how much it brightens my under eye area.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer $14.95: Available here





This product is new – I only bought it from Priceline about two weeks ago so I have yet to make a dent on it. I like that it can be worn by anyone. I use it to set my foundation or touch up throughout the day.

Physicians Formula $29.95: Available here



This Maxfactor mascara has been on rotation since Feb! It’s super lightweight and build-able which is essential for me as I love a dramatic lash. Sometimes I find mascaras that can easily be built up are too wet, but this is just right.

Max Factor Velvet Mascara $27.95: Available here



When you’re in a hurry you need versatile products, and that’s where this magical stick by Charlotte Tilbury plays in. I use this on eye, cheeks and lips when I am in a hurry. A product that can do more than one thing will your routine a lot easier!! This colour gives a natural glowy finish. #doubleduty

Charlotte Tilbury $55 : Available here



I have a few different highlighters I like to use, but this Hourglass one has been on high rotation lately. It comes in a compact container so it’s super on the go too. Add to your cheekbone, cupids bow on your lips and arches of your eyebrows for a super radiant glow.

It is a little higher price point, but I also love Luma Cosmetics ($24)  for a cheaper option.

Hourglass Highlighter ($70): Available here


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