Hello from Kiama! Back home, but here is a look at our very last day on our Urban Adventure

sydney fashion

Feeling a lot of mixed emotions as I write this tonight. We’re back from our journey – it’s nice to be home, but it would have been nice to be able to continue exploring. So now that we are home: Work calls, meetings call and preparation for Fashion Week calls. Also, the launch of an extremely exciting collaboration launches this week so keep those eyes peeled.

sydney fashion

We took these images in Kiama just before we drove along the scenic route back to Sydney. Little did I realise that soon after we would eat the worst lunch of all time. If only I could go back to a time before I ordered an entire iceberg lettuce for lunch of which is apparently considered a salad in Scarborough.

Talking about food. My diet while we were away could best be described as “unchaperoned child at a birthday party”, so this week I am going to get back in to cardio and strength training. I am super excited to be putting together some fitness / health posts for you as well – I had every intention to while I was away but the weather throw salt in my proverbial game.

sydney fashiion

I am loving this dress by Keepsake The Label. It came in handy on my last day traveling after I was so sick of covering my legs the entire trip. Yes, that is a cheeky bit of sunshine, and for that I am forever grateful.

A big thank you to Ford Australia who made this trip possible. Also, Ford are holding an awesome competition – by submitting your own Urban Discovery and you could win $20,000 and a new Ford EcoSport for a year!

sydney fashion


Keepsake The Label Dress, Cheap Monday Denim Jacket, RMK Boots


Jonathan Hayward

sydney fashion

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