At the moment I am all about minimising what’s in my beauty arsenal. Double-duty products I love you. Thanks for helping me save time, money and space…


When you’re always on the go or if you’re constantly traveling, sometimes the best thing for you is products that I can use in more than one way.

Double duty products are extremely helpful when you’re time poor or just feeling lazy. Let’s face it, we all have days when doing out makeup is tedious.

Even though there are so many products out there today, sometimes its nice to bring it back to basics and use beauty products beyond what’s listed on the label. So, whether you want to de-clutter your bathroom or want to curate a smaller makeup bag for traveling, these five double duty items are bound to make your life a whole lot easier.

Here are my five favourite items of makeup that can be used in two different ways! #multitasking


Use this in the morning and you’ll be looking more human, less zombie in no time. I love eyecreams. The fine lines under my eyes (everyone has them) annoy me so much when makeup gets into them, or even worse when your mascara and concealer come together and make you look like you’ve been punched in the eye. Eyecreams before makeup are essential. It helps keep that delicate area moisturised, thus, no more lines.

I love the CHARLOTTE TILBURY EYECREAM/CONCEALER MIRACLE WAND. One end of this little miracle contains a hydrating eye cream that uses hyaluronic acid, rice proteins, and cyclodextrins (a sugar molecule compound) to plump hydrate, smooth, and prime the undereyes. The other end is a tinted concealer made with light-reflecting microparticles to brighten, conceal, color correct and diffuse the appearance of undereye bags. It make your eyes (and face) look brighter, smoother.



I still remember one of the first times going through my sisters dressing table when I was roughly 8 (Hey Bec, if you’re reading. I definitely didn’t go through your stuff!!!). She owned a cheek and lip tint and I thought it was the hardest thing to use. I still do. They dry so fast and it’s super tricky to get the consistency right.

That’s why I love the CHARLOTTE TILBURY BEACH STICK. It is so easy to use because it’s in stick form, so it blends seamlessly.  Add this to your your lips, eyes and cheeks for a pop of dewy goodness. This product is very, very sheer, and needs to be replied as the colour tends to fade, so if your want something a little more intense I would go for more of a powdered product.



For a good while I was using an eyeshadow by MAC for my eyebrows. I mean, they’re basically the same thing as a brow palette, right? The colour was good and matched my brows perfectly, so I rolled with it. I then ran out of it, so invested in the Benefit Brow palette and brow gel.I replaced it recently as I love the soft shade for my crease…So when I want to mix things up I use it as a liner and brow powder.

I would highly recommend using a eyeshadow though – one of the best dual duty products, like, ever.

This one is by MAC COSMETICS IN WEDGE. Perfect for medium brown brows.



If I am going for a super natural look, I tend to use bronzer as my eyeshadow. It’s probably a faux pas, but I am one for not caring about age old rules. If it works, it works, end of story. Apply bronzer to your crease and lid and under your lower lash line using the brush you’d normally apply eyeshadow with. You can also then add some highlighter in the inner corner and center of your lid to open up the eye areas. My tip is to use a matte bronzer too. Shimmery bronzers terrify me.

This bronzer is the HOOLA BRONZER BY BENEFIT. As you can see, I love this product!!



If I am too tired, lazy, or hungover (or just can’t BF), I love to use lipstick as a blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. I just blend it in with my fingers. The key is to use a sheer lip colour that isn’t too glossy and isn’t too matte, otherwise if will look either a) too shiny or b) too chalky. Colour wise, opt for rosy pinks, corals or pretty pale beige pinks – it needs to be as natural as possible! Just mix in with abit of Paw Paw or Vaseline and blend.

These two are perfect shades. 1. L’OREAL ROSE TENDRE 303 2. NEEK SWEET ABOUT ME (VEGAN)



What are your favourite double duty makeup products?

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