Too often we are hard on ourselves and feel bad about our lack of progress. We feel guilty that we’ve missed a couple of workouts, or that we haven’t reached a goal we set out to achieve. It is easy to move from one moment to the next without acknowledging the little things you have accomplished along the way.

Take me for example; I haven’t been working out lately as I just haven’t felt motivated to. I have been hard on myself for not getting back into something that I love, but then I realised I should be celebrating the smaller wins I have each day – I still have been eating healthy and I still have my health, so I shouldn’t be focused on the negative aspect of not completing something. There is still sufficient time.




PANDORA Teardrop Silhouette Ring, RRP $79
PANDORA Beaded Wish Ring RRP $39

Our day to day lives are spent building up to more important moments, later, the moments when we’ll be “happy”. But when those moments come, we’re not happier. In fact, we’re already looking ahead to the next big moments: an upcoming trip, a big project being completed, meeting up with friends, getting that great thing you ordered online, finding your next favourite book, meal, drink, experience.

What if that wonderful moment we’ve been waiting for is this one, right now? We are busy, selfless and caring women and sometimes our needs are left to fall short. If we’re not careful we could miss the wonder in our own lives. Instead of building up to the next best moment, I think it is so important to celebrate all the wonderful things you DO in that present moment. In the madness that is life, don’t forget to reward yourself for achievements, however big or small, because they all add up and you deserve to be recognised!




PANDORA Rose Hearts of PANDORA Halo Ring, RRP $119, PANDORA Rose Classic Hearts of PANDORA Ring, PANDORA Rose Moments Smooth Bracelet, RRP $199, PANDORA Rose ESSENCE Bracelet RRP $199
Today I am wearing stunning pieces from PANDORA Jewelry’s new collection; Geometric Glow, now in-store.

The hand-finished delicate rings are a favourite of mine. They come in multi-hued metals, boast a vintage inspired design are finished with halos of smaller stones. The entire collection is a contemporary mix of innovative stone cut stones and geometric-inspired jewellery – an incredible new direction for PANDORA and one I can definitely get on board with. I love that each piece can be worn together or alone, but always to maximum effect.



In collaboration with Pandora. All opinions are my own and I only work with brands that align with my ethics and morals.

Author: Ally Carey

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