Dreamy golden light on my balcony this afternoon was the perfect setting for denim, rose gold tailored jackets and matte metallic sunglasses.

one teaspoon sunday somewhere

I call this outfit the perfect balance between “is it warm in here” and “it’s a little bit chilly”. I am very bad at knowing what the weather is doing, so hey, if I dress for both I am bound to hit on something that works, right?

Today I worked, ate my weight in sushi, worked and then realised I have a three day weekend starting tonight as I leave for Melbourne tomorrow morning. I had a minor freak out as I am very unprepared. I figure I can just fix any sartorial problems I run into with extensive shopping and just say “oh this old thing” when Jonathan asks me about my new clothes. NB: that is a joke, Jonathan doesn’t care what I buy, if anything he’s an enabler.

one teaspoon sunday somewhere

one teaspoon sunday somewhere

I featured this One Teaspoon Skirt in my recent video, so here it is as promised in an outfit post. I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of it, pairing it with knits and double denim – mind blowing stuff, right? Clothes with more clothes, that’s almost too much for my mind to fathom.

Also; the other night you may have seen that I went to Sunday Somewhere’s launch for their recent collaboration with Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. That is me making an absolute assumption of which I am probably at least 75% wrong. If you didn’t, these sunglasses I have on are from that collection! They’re extremely rad and the matte metallic finish is like no other, so be sure to check them out!

one teaspoon sunday somewhere

So, I will leave you on that note as I am off to pack and eat some delicious Indian goodness in the only way I know – with a lot of Naan bread!


Sunday Somewhere X Rumi Neely Sunglasses, MLM Jacket, One Teaspoon Skirt, Misha Collection Alina Top

one teaspoon sunday somewhere

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