Ah, the week is over and it would be my pleasure to take part in a 2-for-1 happy hour. Please and many thank yous.


I ventured back to the unforgiving rocks today – I know you’re probably thinking I am some sort of crazy person, but how could I not with golden light like this? It’s my favourite time to be at the beach, and coincidentally the best time to shoot in natural light. Here’s a thought: Don’t you think it’s weird that the sun bleaches everything, except for us; we just get darker? Evidently, I do my best thinking of a Friday afternoon.

backstage clothing sydney fashion

Introducing some new favourite pieces I added to my wardrobe last week: A gorgeous, ultra soft pair of floral pants and an incredible sleeveless knit; both by Sydney Label, Backstage Clothing.

I wore the knit the other night to a couple of events and so many people (read: three) commented on it. I guess you know you’re onto a good thing when that happens, right? Gratitude to the designers for making a knit which you don’t overheat in, in this in-between Sydney weather. Nothing worse than breaking out in hives two seconds after you get dressed. I mean, AMIRITE. Oh, that doesn’t happen to you? Then It is very likely that 99% of my #firstworld problems, don’t either.

backstage  clothing

I hope you all have a great weekend. Something you may not know is that i’ll be chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool… Anyhoo, delirious writing has set in, as has referencing 90’s television show, so I best be off.

backstage clothing


Backstage Clothing Pants, Backstage Clothing Lana Top Knit, RMK Veruka Shoes

backstage clothing

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