It’s hard not to imagine yourself wearing this full collection. I’d love to wear the silk poet-sleeve blouses, baby-doll dresses, Mongolian fur vest and the billowing silk dresses as soon as humanly possible… They all evoke a chic, boho ’70s vibe. Cue: the sound of the fashion world clapping.

Admittedly this collection is a bit folksy – so if you’re not into that, close this tab now, but I’d have to argue with you on that, because it is simply stunning and there is definitely something for everyone.

Dig the 70’s – they’re here to stay.

sydney fashion blog chloe-fall-2015-10

sydney fashion blog chloe-fall-2015-9
sydney fashion blog chloe-fall-2015






1. This delicate silk dress featuring a soft ruffled neckline and floral detailing. I’d give the ankle boots a miss though – I have never been a fan of snake skin motifs.

2. This shade of denim is one of my favourites – it’s fresh no matter what season. Initially I didn’t know where her hair started and where the jacket ended – now that I have spent 24,000 hours looking I dig this look.

Chloe RTW Fall Winter 2015 Paris
Chloe RTW Fall Winter 2015 Paris

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