It’s been a busy week this week and all I want to do is lay on the beach somewhere and relax.


Wedding planning is in full-swing now, with only 5 and a half weeks to go, it truly is crunch time! JD’s suit arrived yesterday, I picked up half of my wedding jewellery yesterday (it’s epic by the way).
I have been welcoming this warm weather Sydney has been showcasing of late. When the mercury rises I become a lot more relaxed – though daylight savings more often than not messes up my brain chemistry and has me working until later than I want to. My sense of time well and truly goes out the window when daylight savings begins! I’ll look outside and think “Oh it must only be 3:30pm!” and then I’ll check my watch and it’s 7pm!




Today I am keeping it simple for work – Stripes, a long-lined sleeveless blazer and the comfiest Camper (B.Willheim) shoes that ever lived. I was first introduced to Camper by Larry David – he has good humor and good taste in shoes. I love that they are reminiscent of graffiti and also how my shoes used to look in year 12 art class. They offer a li’l bit of a sporty vibe, which you all know I absolutely dig! On another note I really need to watch back through Curb Your Enthusiasm – I haven’t watching it since late ‘11.


I am off to Pedestrian Blogster Awards tonight and I still haven’t chosen what to wear! Can’t wait to see the winners in each category and meet some new blogger pals and catch up with some old ones!


Camper B.Willheim shoes, Ena Pelly Shirt Dress, Bless’d Are The Meek Blazer, Asos Clutch, Sunday Somewhere shades


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