June is almost over and I’m still doing great with my New Year’s Resolution to dress like a panda who ate 128383 flowers.


If a genie appeared in front of me today I’d definitely waste a wish on transporting me to somewhere tropical which has an endless supply of cocktails. You may just have caught me in my annual Winter breakdown. If you were my neighbour you’d often hear me yelling at 3am, “When the hell can I wear swimmers again, this 14 degrees business is some kind of sick joke“. Okay, the timeline of that sentence may not be accurate and me yelling at 3 in the morning almost never happens. Read: never happens.

This outfit is based on me wanting to have my cake and eat it to. Uh, if I have cake, of course I want to eat it. I want to dress the part for Winter (cue warm knit, faux fur and the likes), but I also want to maximise my Summer wardrobe (cue digitally printed playsuits, skirts and killer Tees). It is quite the sartorial predicament. I am sure this is a relatable topic.


cameo the label

This collection from Cameo was incredible on the runaway at Fashion Week this year. The monochromatic floral print was a stand out for me, and I just knew I would have to get my body all up in a piece.

PS: I’ve had my Friday morning coffee and now I am ready to get shit done today! And I don’t mean that I am going to be a “working girl”, despite standing on a corner in a short playsuit, fur jacket and a pair of platform boots. Hashtag: I-accidently-dressed-like-a-hooker-today.

cameo the label


Cameo The Label Playsuit, Roc Boots, Glassons Fur Jacket

cameo the label

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  1. Hahah, well, a very fashionable hooker! Love this outfit! I’m in Melbourne for 6 weeks and I’ve been learning to layer. My favourite playsuit has been worn a few times with a long sleeve tee and thick stockings underneath.

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