Today I am sharing my hair colour secrets and It’s almost too simple.


Now that I am “bronde” aka a mix of blonde and brown (I am on the lighter spectrum of bronde), the first thing people ask me is “do you find it hard to maintain?”. They’re usually shocked when I say it’s actually really easy for me to maintain. When you go lighter you automatically think “my roots are going to show through every fortnight or so. Am I going to be able to handle that?”, but the key here is making sure the contrast of the lighter shade isn’t too far from your roots. I’ve made sure my hair is bright around my face and darker at the crown, so it all blends out – this is the key to natural, bronde look.

I love being bronde because it’s allowed me to go light again without tipping over the edge into full-on blonde. It matches my skin tone and my dark eyes and full, darker eyebrows. L’Oréal Paris has the perfect options for at-home use to achieve the look and because the look is so natural as it grows out, it makes the upkeep less urgent each month.


When you’re thinking of going lighter it’s so important to moisturise your hair with masks or treatments for at least a week before colouring. I learned this from a friend the first time went blonde, around 5-6 years ago. It’s important that your hair is in great condition ahead of putting bleach on it. I love using masks while I am having a bath or putting a face mask on. That way I can time it all well enough to wash it all off at once.

When I went lighter 9 weeks or so ago. I went through a million and one magazine / blogs to find the kind of colour I wanted. My biggest suggestion to you is find a photo of your desired look to help you understand the effect you’re trying to achieve and then go from there. My biggest inspiration was Elizabeth Olsen and some random girl on Pinterest. Both were #hairgoals and #babes.

The best thing about doing hair at home is that irregularities make bronde so much better, so you don’t have to worry about being a professional. You’re aiming for almost an abstract look – not perfection like our streaking days, circa 2006. I call them my tiger stripes days. They looked really good with my thin brows and overall bad sartorial choices.

My tips for going bronde at home

Pick the right shade for you: If you have a tan try golden tones – these can enhance your features. However, if you’re quite pale skinned like me, try sticking to sandy or neutral shades of blonde, as gold can exaggerate pink tones. There’s so many different bronde shades for every skin type in the L’Oréal Paris Préférence Glam Lights range. I used the No. 3

Keep it locked in: Pick up a color-safe shampoo so that the hue doesn’t warp when in contact with elements like the sun, chlorine, and water with heavy mineral deposits. You also may want to pick up a toner to use every so often when the blondes go a little brassy.

And remember: It’s all about the right contrast. Make sure the contrast isn’t too far from your roots.”

Are you going to give the perfect sun-kissed look a try this season?


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