Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you have had a great week so far.


I’ve turned my lounge room into my office the last few days – well my couch to be exact. I have loaded it up with pillows, blankets and my laptop in the hope that the comfort will rid this horrid cold I have been carrying around. I never thought recovering from the flu and getting teeth removed at the same time would be so hard (that was a butt load of sarcasm right there). Never, ever, do those things at the same time.


Today was the first time I have felt like dressing in something that wasn’t harem pants, sock, knotty hair and JD’s jumper. I celebrated this fact with a wander around Terrigal mid afternoon and thought I would take a quick few photos of this amazing neutral toned outfit I just adore. There is something wonderful about a pair of tailored pants. I always feel like my outfit is so pulled together when I wear a pair. They’re streamline and look pretty damn smart.

I picked up a pair of platform birks the other day – yes I am still obsessed with the crazed trend, so many people hate. Opinions are what separate us, makes us individuals – and quite frankly I would be worried if you agreed with all my outfit choices / points of veiw. I love that people have their own voice and state their beliefs.


So from feeling lousy all week, health wise, I am on the mend and looking forward to the weekend! We’re “glamping” on Cockatoo Island and I can not wait!

Have you ever been “Glamping”? It is going to be so much fun, especially with the outlook of Sydney Harbor. I will be sure to keep you updated on Instagram and follow up with a blog post!





Lila Pants, Fran Flatforms, Boohoo Beanie, Sophie Wrap Top, Carmen Clutch



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