I’m excited to be one of the bloggers chosen by Boohoo to promote their #ownit collection – so own it I will. Falling down rocks in boots? I’m going to own that too.


I spent the morning getting X-rays, mirrors shoved in to my mouth and head butting machines. I’m in the process of sussing out Invisalign – so I have all the fun preliminary stages to go through before they can straighten these stupid teeth of mine. There’s a great preponderance of evidence supporting how much I hate going to the dentist. I had braces as a kid, but I was lazy with the upkeep of retainers and all that other fun stuff you’re supposed to keep up with so now I am learning the hard / expensive way as an adult.


I accidentally just became a teenager again. So yes, my blog could potentially turn into the prepubescent Ally for a while. I can only hope I get a face full of acne and develop an intense level of awkwardness.

My Aunty showed me some photographs from my early teens on Saturday – I rocked a fat man’s Hawaiian shirt and baggy khaki capri like no other (Read: Not really). Right then and there I wondered what the chance of a sinkhole engulfing my seat was. If there was evidence that at one stage in my life I dress like a father who was currently going through a midlife crisis, I didn’t even want to live any more. In fact, I didn’t deserve to live.


Luckily for you, my dress sense has improved (somewhat?). Mixing textures, holographic and prints together is a fun way to bring together your favourite trends of the moment. I’m not one to tell you “why I wore this outfit” or justify why I think it works. I think fashion is pretty simplistic really; except for that time I thought wearing Hawaiian shirts and baggy capri pants was an unbeatable combination.



Boohoo Dress, Boohoo Hat, Boohoo Holographic Boots, Somedays Lovin Bag, DW Watch


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Author: Ally Carey

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  1. As someone who had braces at an early age, and had to wear *gasp* headgear for a year….. the fact i was just a teenager when they were off and didn’t follow through with upkeep still frustrates me to this day….. so i feel your pain. and your love for prints. This outfit….perfection! xx

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