Today was spent in more layers than ever & boots I am so very glad I finally bought.

Sydney fashion

I always feel so chunky when I wear so many layers. I feel like I am a big blob of fabric, rolled into one. I like being warm, but I also like feeling nice in clothes I am wearing. Today I felt like I just spilled an entire pizza into my mouth and washed it down with 17 donuts. Looking back at the picture though, I dig this outfit and all it’s comfort. Basic, yet sophisticated is the kind I like. I’m a girl so I guess I am bound to feel yuck sometimes, right? I think it comes down to the fact I am a Summer gal. I love wearing the least amount of clothes possible, when I can.

sydney fashion

I started Invisalign yesterday – for those of you who don’t know what that is, they’re basically clear braces. You change them out every fortnight and in like, 100 years* your teeth will be straight. 100 years may seem excessive, and it is excessive but the way my teeth are aching right now, that’s how long it seems I will be wearing them.

*A year and a half

sydney fashion

Just checked the weather for London – I have NO idea what to pack. I will probably pack SO much.


Tony Bianco Boots, Boohoo Official Jacket, Boohoo Official Skirt, Sportsgirl Jumper

sydney fashion


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