Oscars talk, new dresses, sickness and too much rain – that’s too many things for a Monday.


GODDAMMIT IOS WEATHER APP I EXPLICITLY ASKED YOU HOW LIKELY RAIN WAS TODAY… All I have to do is look at a drop of rain and my hair decides to look like I stuck a fork in a toaster or my every day hair before my mother finally caved in and bought me a hair straightener in 2005. Hear that noise? That’s teenage me sobbing tears of joy.


In other news I have avoided Oscars news all day because Jonathan and I have “Oscars Nights”, where we watch the Oscars, drink some dranks and have fun reminiscing over all the nominated films. We generally try and watch all the nominated films ahead of time – we might be Oscars nerds, but it’s a tradition of ours, so really we’re just big cuties. You’re probably reading that and saying “Wow, so true.”


My top films of the year in this order were (we still haven’t seen a couple):

  1. Wolf Of Wall Street
  2. Captain Phillips
  3. 12 Years Of Slave
  4. American Hustle
  5. Her
  6. Gravity


There is something so compelling about the Academy Awards that nothing else can match. I love the gowns, the hair, the makeup, the spectacle of it and of course our little tradition!

Who did you think deserved best dressed and what your favourites out of the movies nominated?



Bless’ed Are The Meek Dress, Hunt No More Jacket, Windsor Smith Shoes, Boohoo Hat, Nine West Bag


Jonathan Hayward


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