Introducing the guy behind the camera.

Jonathan and I teamed up with Billie Shoes to bring you Billie “Sole Mates” Campaign. What a fun challenge it was to get this shot. Jonathan still managed to get this shot even though he featured in it. What a goddamn talent (and a hottie).


It usually only takes me 2 strong lattes, 64 texts, 2 Instagram post, half hour watching Sunrise and 3 hours of frantically checking the same 10,293 websites / news sites / emails to get motivated for the day. However today I participated in an experiment where you wake up with a spring in your so called step and get going straight away to give you this post and I guess just live in general!



Just uncovered a secret that’s bound to rock the shoe wearing community to its very core. Billie Shoes make some pretty rad girls shoes, but what’s fun is they also cater for our dudes too! Jonathan and I have been wearing our new shoes non-stop since we received them. Next stop is to trade, I think we’re ready to take couples dressing to the next level.

*awkward silence*

Follow the Billie Solemate journey on Instagram @BillieShoes #solemate


Someday Lovin’ Talladega Skirt, Hunt No More Bustier, Billie Shoes, Bless’ed Are The Meek Vest,


Lee Jeans Australia, Insight Shirt, Billie Shoes


Image 1: Jonathan Hayward
Image 2: Me


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