I will be the first to admit my fitness has taken the back seat lately. I generally find when I go through a busy or hard point in life and I get off track of my usual routines, become disorganised, and things feel generally chaotic and fitness, even though it’s the one thing that would help me get through the above, takes a backseat. It’s the first thing i drop because “I don’t have the time”, or “I need to get other things done first”.

I thought I would share my ways to get back into the swing of things post work trip,  post overseas travel or if you’ve found yourself in a little bit of a lull lately.

If you have been following me on Instagram you might have noticed I have spent more time in the air lately than a human probably should. I have been to Uganda and Melbourne.  Endless tears induced by being “too tired to deal with this shit”, the non-stop feeling of tiredness and basically just enough energy to get by. I haven’t had time to exercise and if I have had a spare moment, the last thing I felt like doing was putting on training gear.

Cue: Pass me my pj’s, please!!


I woke up with the attitude of “Ally get your shit together” this morning. I am sick of feeling crappy, sick of having no energy, sick of my skin being temperamental and sick of feeling sorry for myself. I need routine, in fact I crave routine. I like knowing what I am doing a week down the track and I have been that way since I was little. So, today marks the day where it’s time to bounce back after this past fortnight and take my health seriously again.

These are some things I am going to be doing, so hopefully you can implement them for yourself if you, just like me have had a break (no matter if it’s been big or small)



Because you’re out of routine, it will be so easy to make excuses for yourself like: “Oh, but I have to eat this entire thing of biscuits, so I won’t have time to exercise after“, “But it’s kinda cold and purple skin just doesn’t go with my new green Nikes“, “But the crappiest TV show The Bachelor In Paradise has reruns   and I fear if I miss an episode I will die – exercise can wait“.

It really isn’t an all or nothing situation. Just do as much as you can fit in. If you schedule time you will be able to hold yourself accountable! Yeeee ha! Start off small too.


I am going to schedule time before work and mid-afternoon. They are the best times for me and I know I can stick to it.


I know above it seems like I may have been beating myself up a little for having a break. The best thing for you though is to relax, take a deep breath and realise it doesn’t matter. What’s done is done, now it is time to move forward and make up for lost time. Don’t over do it though. Aim at easing back into things for the first week or two. Don’t get cute and try and break your previous records, your body needs some time to adjust!


I need to train and I need to just go with what my body is feeling.

One of the biggest problems people face when getting back into a routine is that they go too hard, too fast and it’s not sustainable. So, take small steps and make progress along the way!

For me at the moment; I am doing yoga, reformer and baseline strength training mixed in with some low intensity cardio to get back into the feel of things!



When I say “don’t over do it”, I also mean “don’t under do it” as well. There’s no point starting back up only to run 3 kilometres in the space of 14 days. That’s not enough for your body to adjust back into fitness goodness. So my suggestion is to work out a routine you can fit into your schedule and stick to it! Small routines that you can use to workout three-four times a week is a good place to start.


Booking it classes at Virgin Active like reformer pilates and yoga! I find booking into classes the best way to stick to a routine as you are accountable to someone!


If you find yourself becoming bored of your routine FAST, then that’s probably an indication of you needing to mix things up. It is so important to reevaluate your training regularly so this doesn’t happen! Recognise the sign of feeling unmotivated before you get out of a pattern.


I really need to track my workouts and write them down so I can tick them off a list. I also need to change up my patterns every two weeks to combat boredom.



I love reading fitness stories online and in Womens Fitness magazine. If they aren’t a surefire way to get you inspired again, I don’t know what is. There’s some pretty amazing success stories out there and it puts everything into perspective for you.


Pick some stories or inspiring people and aspire to them.


Fitness game is all about attitude – you get out what you put in. That is also my mantra about general life. As you are trying to get back your fitness, your attitude also needs to adjust. Focus on how good you will feel when you are done rather than focusing on all the other things you could be doing instead of exercising.


Ahh, that feeling of accomplishment when you have completed a routine, lifted more than you did a week ago, run further than you did a week ago. All of these feelings are amazing. I wish I could bottle it up!!



OUTFIT 1: The Upside TIGHTS, The Upside SPORTS BRA
OUTFIT 2: The Upside SPORTS BRA, The Upside HOODIE, The Upside TRACKIES


Author: Ally Carey

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