Majorly excited about the colourful situation in today’s blog post. Fusing my love of floral, colour and eyewear together to bring you a tight edit of my favourite new styles from Bespecd – Australian eyewear label.


Normally every last week of Summer would be named, “Get mad, get sad, get mad again, but this week I am feeling bright and colourful.


To me the height of luxury is being able to wear a maxi dress without sweating uncontrollably. That is the most disgusting thing imaginable. Luckily, this has been the case this past week. Well lucky for society and those who have seen me in that time. Also: Maxi Dresses are also a great form of protection for when your fiance decides to take it upon himself to get rid of a wasp nest outside of your office on a Wednesday afternoon.


Tonight I am bringing you three of my favourite dresses – all by amazing Australian designer labels I have grown to love over the past few years. Each are so unique and equally as amazing as the last. The reason I know this is because Bespecd are helping my blind eyes, one cute pair of glasses at a time.




1. Talulah Dress, Bespecd Glasses
2. Lilyhart Dress, Bespecd Glasses
3. Three Of Something Dress, Bespecd Glasses


Jonathan Hayward


Author: Ally Carey

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