I am thrilled to announce my first installment or my partnership with one of my favourite designer labels, A| X Armani Exchange. They do great denim, which is what I am all about.





I am a self confessed denim purist. I love to wear jeans at any chance I get. Because of this, I put a lot of emphasis on the fit, wash, style and brand. If one of these factors is missing, I just can’t invest.

My denim choices have matured as my taste in fashion has. I used to think that the sagging of a waist line was based on my thin frame as a teenager. In hindsight they were just cheap, poorly made and I should have probably bought them a size smaller due to ye ol’ denim stretch.

I’d like to think I have my denim choices down pat now. I know the shapes that work for my frame, I know what they should feel like, I know my sizing and I know what shades pair back perfectly with my wardrobe. I also know what brands kill it on the denim front – A|X Armani Exchange is high up on my list – the list of denim gods that is.


armani exchange



armani exchange


I can never go past a white t-shirt and light wash denim. It’s a fresh combination which proves to never go out of fashion. It’s versatile, it’s cool, and it’s an outfit which can be worn any day of the year, in any season. In Spring this pair is essential – well in my wardrobe anyway. Classic pieces like this anchor statement heels and accessories, making the rest of your choices easy.


armani exchange





Since 2007, I have always gone with the basic skinny jean. In my last year of High School my friends laughed at me for buying two pairs of skinny jeans. They were still wearing their finest flared legged jeans, of which I had just had enough of. Two weeks later, I had converted them. Here we are seven years later and my sartorial choices are still somewhat the same. The only difference is that I love a boyfriend jean and get as much wear out of them as I do a basic skinny. There is never an occasion where a boyfriend jean doesn’t work. I wish I could wear jeans to my wedding – ha.




Denim, leather and leather-like looks dominate my every day clothing choices. I guess a simplistically raw, but chic style appeals to me. It’s been in the past year that I have been wanting to get more out of my clothing each season. It’s such a waste buying clothes and only getting three months wear out of them. With denim, you can keep wearing them year after year when you buy quality pieces, like A|X.




armani exchange


Black skinny jeans and converse are a classic look and one I am a fan of. If you were to dissect my style into parts, one would evidently be a “tomboy / rock chick” look. I have always dressed with a hint of androgynous appeal – well before I even realised it was a concept. I think it comes down to the fact I like outfits I don’t have to overthink, and come to their own with great pieces.

A|X Armani Exchange is such a great price point too, with most of their jeans retailing for $139. I think for quality denim, that is amazing!


armani exchange



Look One: Armani Exchange Jeans, Armani Exchange T-shirt
Look Two: Armani Exchange Jeans, Armani Exchange Leather Jacket


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Ally Carey



armani exchange

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