It’s a simple, but not so simple outfit. Here are my tips on taking your simple jeans and jumper outfit to the next level!


My go to colour palette at the moment is: tan, camel, navy, black and white. It’s so fresh and I find that they all work really well together, therefore my wardrobe is more versatile.

Here are my 6 Ways to make a simple outfit next level.


  1. When it comes to wearing beige, tan or camel, make sure you choose the right on for your skin tone. You definitely don’t want the beige’s blending in with your skin tone. My suggestion is to work with the opposite tones; warm skin tones go with cool beige hues and cool skin tones go with warm beige hues, otherwise you will look washed out.
  2. If you’re like me and usually stick to the neutrals and monochrome looks, it’s important to remember that a little bit of color never hurts.Try adding a touch of colour to your nails or maybe even your bag to break up the look
  3. Turtlenecks are great for the obvious reason – go up a size and layer
  4. Black skinny jeans make their way into my wardrobe each season because I love how they look casually, but I also like that I can dress them up with changing into a heel at night. A cropped pair is a great change, as then you don’t have to roll the leg, which can sometimes look to casual at night.
  5. A basic white blouse is essential for me in Autumn, they’re easy to layer under jumpers, leather jackets and they’re a great stand alone piece too. I try and go up a size so it’s a little baggier when I layer.
  6. Add in a hat to finish the look and to add a bit of edge to a simple outfit.


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Author: Ally Carey

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