Discovering new Australian labels is always fun – especially when their pieces are your jam.


I returned from my hens weekend in Melbourne this week – it was such an amazing week. Six of my closest friends and I headed down south for three nights and had an absolute ball. Prior to setting foot in our cute little house in Fitzroy, I didn’t have any clue as to what we were doing. It was all a surprise which was incredible, as I normally am a control freak. They know me too well – everything I love, we did and I could not be more grateful.

I took this outfit to Melbourne, but I ran out of time to shoot it – I just wanted to enjoy the moment instead of shoot outfits – plus without JD being there it kind of made things tough, haha. I did however shoot a lot of food and beverages – my girls find it so funny how many food shots I got. I trained them well though. These donuts made it on to each of their Instagrams.



Two new labels I discovered this past fortnight:

This neoprene skirt by Black By Geng is a new piece in my wardrobe/floorobe. It’s a new label I stumbled upon a fortnight ago – the designer used to work for Chloe, so I knew this skirt would be amazing on! I also picked up two other pieces – a cute quilted top and an insane playsuit which the cut of is out of this world.

I also stumbled across Assembly Label a while ago on Instagram. Instagram is my go to place for finding new labels. I am so glad I did too, I just want to wear every piece. They are my type of label to a tee! Denim, great clean cuts and easy wear pieces.



Right now it is exactly 1 week and 17 hours (I may or may not have a wedding app) til my wedding, so I am off to drink a wine, freak out a little bit and get last minute things done. Feel free to take the reigns for me. (I beg you)


River Island Leather Jacket, Nike Shoes, Black By Geng Skirt, Assembly The Label T-shirt, Will Be Bag




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