Cleaning out my wardrobe and saying goodbye to clothes I haven’t worn in like, say, 6 months is upsetting and generally has me in a defeated slump, unwrapping and eating a Snickers bar in tears. It’s a tough gig and I can’t help but think after I throw each item into a pile that maybe I really may need it one day soon.


Every season I clear out my wardrobe and build back a classic wardrobe with all the essential pieces I need to get me through the next few months. These are the pieces I wear time and time again. It’s almost a uniform, minus the boring.

There is nothing more intimidating to me than someone who genuinely enjoys cleaning up / out their wardrobe, because I find it to be such a laborious task and I really don’t like the process of doing it. I do however enjoy that clean wardrobe feeling and the fresh start each season. So I guess I do have somewhat of an incentive to get that shit done. But if we could just skip the process and have the end results straight away I would be so much happier.

At the moment I have three large garbage bags filled with clothing and around 12 pairs of shoes that all need a new home.

*I’m thinking of doing a market soon, so I will keep you posted.

My so-called “go to” outfit of choice would be a pair of jeans and t-shirt. I love a white t-shirt and jean combo as much as the next person, but lately any time I contemplate wearing a white t-shirt, 12 coffees fall from the sky and spill on it. So red and white stripes are the next safe bet. Where’s (W)Ally #wheresally – Uh, now that hashtag looks like my name is Sally.

My favourite basic label to stock on at the start of a season is Assembly Label. Killer and great quality, every time.

PS: I had an interview with Triple J yesterday. We recorded it yesterday in the studio – so stay tuned for more!


  • Camel coat
  • Grey coat
  • Button Up shirt
  • Black handbag
  • Grey boots (heels)
  • Black boots (flats)


adidas Stella McCartney Slides, Hat from Byron Bay, Assembly Label Tshirt, Assembly Label Jeans, Assembly Label Jumper





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