One thing that has been helping me over the past 8 weeks while living out of a suitcase is good quality basics. I wrote a blog post early September and I covered my tips for living out of a suitcase and I have been trying to live by my own advice since.


I have tried to maintain a cohesive wardrobe and I have even downsized each place we have stayed. While we were on the Northern Beaches for Sydney I could afford to be a little more relaxed with my items as we had enough space for me to have a more extensive collection. Oh baby did I spread out.

We then traveled to my parents for a week, but I thought I better sell and donate some pieces as we couldn’t fill the car too much. From there, we were in Bondi and we were literally in a shoe box. Okay, not literally, but I now know what Ryan Reynolds felt like in the movie Buried. Because we were back in Sydney, it meant I had to re-think my options as I was attending meetings and events. I relied heavily on the combination of these off-white jeans and over-sized ASOS white t-shirt. I basically wore this combination daily, but swapped these Tony Bianco slides for heels or sneakers. It’s amazing what you can get used to. Black and white are such a classic combination and when you’re traveling they’re fail safe. No one will ever guess you’ve been a repeat offender on the reg.

I have been in the Blue Mountains (West of Sydney, Australia) the past few days and I have literally worn the same clothing each day – adidas tights, a t-shirt and Nice Martin oversized bomber. I had this combination on just before we wandered up to a cafe for coffee (& wifi for me to publish this post), but I quickly changed out of it because I felt lazy! I just don’t want to get my USA clothes dirty, so atheleisure clothing has been a godsend.


I love finding basics that are also dressy as well. Asos White is perfect for this. The pieces push boundaries and I love the billowy shapes of their tops and dresses. Anything oversized gets a huge tick of approval from me.

Anyway – I hope this helps you narrow down what you need to pack next time or choose combinations you could wear any day.

I am now off to grab some lunch and pick up my laundry from the laundromat (I definitely could get used to someone else doing my washing!!). I am sure you’ll get sick of my count down but I now only have 4 more sleeps until we jet off to America! Stay tuned!








Asos Top, Asos Jeans, Tony Bianco Slides, Dylan Kain Bag, Abe & Sara Vintage glasses

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