I remember the first time I applied lipstick. I was 5 and I was hiding in my mother’s en-suite with a friend. We raided her makeup bag and applied everything haphazardly. My mother only wore makeup very occasionally when I was little, so I guess that’s why I was so curious about it. I’m not sure that’s a direct correlation, but I would definitely say my interest in makeup started at a very young age. The second time I wore lipstick was stealing from my brother’s drama make-up collection. I packed it for my grade 2 excursion because I thought I was really cool, but my sister found out and told my mum and I got in so much trouble. In retrospect I totally get why mum was angry – that was a young age to be interested in a seemingly adult product and I guess she was trying to preserve my innocence, much like I now do with my nieces.

As an adult, I think the choice of your lipstick is very important: not only does it enhance your features, it also completes your outfit as an accessory. To me, the color and texture of your lipstick really finishes an entire look much like a pair of earrings or shoes do.



There are some universally flattering / unbeatable combinations when it comes to pairing clothing and lipstick colours. Red on red, Emerald with nude, fuchsias with a monochrome look, red with neutrals and a pop of colour with a bold lip (as long as they’re complimentary). Nude lipstick will go with everything, but when you are wearing colours, pay more attention. For instance bold coral does not match burgundy and purples. And pink is not that good with baby blue. It’s all about complementary colours.



  1. An orange lip is less serious, less sophisticated — that also makes them better for daytime events
  2. As always it’s best to create a flawless complexion and lip base when wearing lipstick. Here are my tips for prepping your lips for matte lipstick; before, during and after.
  3. When using statement lipstick, be quite light on the blush and paired back eyes as the fresh pop of color of your mouth already enlightens your face.
  4. A matte red lip is so sophisticated and I love wearing it when I am in a rush to get dressed. It means my outfit could be as simple as a t-shirt and jeans, but I will feel polished. I love wearing a bold red lip at night, with understated eyes as well. It cuts down on prep time after work and brightens up the whole face.
  5. Always line your lips to avoid bleeding and also when it rubs off it’s less noticeable
  6. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! There’s no worse look than someone wearing matte lipstick with dry lips (especially in winter!!!)
  7. Control your application and make sure you get rid of excess!

Today I am wearing: The 301 and 408 in the Giorgio Armani velvet- matte lipstick, to show you two different ways you can pull off a bold lip. It’s highly pigments and it has a creamy texture. Some matte lipsticks are quite drying, but I found this to be very creamy. I topped up the application up throughout the day without it feeling cakey.


Outfit one: Topshop trench, Skin Heels, Rollas Jeans, Furla Bag

Outfit two: Life With Bird Jacket, Interval Top, Assembly Jeans, Witchery Flats, Dylan Kain Bag

Do you like matte lipstick? Have you tried the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro yet?


In collaboration with Armani Beauty – All opinions and creative content are my own. We only ever work with brands that we believe in, that share our ethical and moral believes.

Author: Ally Carey

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