Ankle boots are my most versatile / most worn shoes – they go with every single outfit I wear during any given week. Since these babies came in to my possession this week I have done nothing but wear the hell out of them – I’d be crazy not too!!



I love wearing ankle boots in Summer, but I know a lot of people box them up and wait patiently until the mercury starts to drop so they can wear them again. My theory is – wear them all year round (that way you can justify buying more expensive ones, right?)

Styling Summer outfits around ankle boots or cowboy boots is super easy and they are a lot more versatile than people give them credit.

Here are my 6 top go to outfits for ankle boots!


1. I love to wear them paired back with feminine dress because they gives it an edgy look, as opposed to being so girly (vomit).


2. I love wearing them with boho inspired pieces – think lace, crochet or paisley prints. To me, outfits like this are perfect in summer!


3. Over-sized t-shirts and a denim / plaid shirt paired back with ankle boots in Summer is a great off-duty look – I love a tomboy outfit!

4. Denim shorts and ankle boots are a match made in sartorial heaven! Think of the queens: Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss and Alex Chung!!


5. Paired back with a dressy dress, to give a cool vibe. It also gives a dressier item a new lease of live!


6. Printed or floral print dress for a fresh, boho vibe


My new boots are from One Teaspoon and they are absolutely incredible!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a make-up experiment video!

Thanks for reading – comment in the section below on how you love to wear ankle boots or if you’ve stumbled across any gems lately!



Author: Ally Carey

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