The adidas gym was really something else and this got me thinking…

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On the second day at adidas, I was introduced to the adidas gym – my jaw dropped and continued to stay in this position all day. It was such a work of art. Everything a gym junkie or workout enthusiast could want is jammed packed into this state of the art centre.

From the moment I entered the grounds of HQ I could feel the healthy atmosphere around me. I could really tell that the employees and adidas as a brand really emphasised the benefits of working out on breaks or before or after work.


As many of you know, I work out from home and have never bought a gym membership in my life – unless you count my year 8 gym class. For me, working out at home is just easier and it fits perfectly into my lifestyle – gyms have never been on my radar.

From going to the gym at adidas I learned a few things and it opened my eyes into thinking, maybe places like these aren’t so bad. The equipment is readily available, there is a great atmosphere, you’re around people who probably have the same goals as you and there is an array of things for you to try out.

This lead me to think about the pros and cons of home workouts Vs gym workouts. I’m going to weigh up the advantages of each for you, so you can find out what will work for you.

Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s preference is as well.



Do you prefer gyms or working out at home? Still undecided? Let’s read on!

Advantages of home workouts

Convenience: With working out from home you don’t have the bother of visiting a gym, thus making it you more likely to stick to an exercise plan; if your gym is too far to drive conveniently, you will find your excitement levels dropping and you will then find yourself skipping days!

Cost effective: Gym memberships usually have high costs – this is where the beauty is in home workouts, as you get to exercise without breaking the bank (meaning more pennies for shopping!)

Privacy: I hate working out in front of people. I get self conscious, I like working out how to perform a new workout without feeling like there is 19, 939, 301 eyes on me – this is why working out from home is a good idea!


Advantages of gym workouts

Access to a larger selection of equipment /options: After seeing the options adidas had in their gym, I was amazed. There were even pieces I had no idea what they were used for. I guess this is where the benefit of a gym Vs home comes into play. A well equipped gym can offer you the chance to make use of equipment that would never fit into your budget or home. I know I definitely would not have room for a rope machine or large scale treadmill. Maybe one day when I buy that mansion (oh to dream).

Personal trainers / classes: For me, Jonathan works me out. He keeps me motivated and introduces me to new workouts. He is also readily available. For some, they may not have a Jonathan equivalent, so a gym with a trainer or classes is the next best thing! Classes and trainers are your go to people to ask to change up your workouts every few weeks; you need variety to challenge and strengthen your muscles.

Buddies: Working out from home is a fairly solo mission (unless you convince your pals to come over to workout with you). The atmosphere at a gym promotes partnership and is a great place to meet new friends. I found that at the adidas gym a lot of people were working out in pairs, which was so nice to see!


There is a lot to consider when it comes to making the right decision for you. Things such as availability of time, the money you can afford to purchase the equipment or memeberships, the amount of space you have at home, if you are doing workouts with specific goals, or need someone to train you to reach those goals. Also, if you have outstanding health related issues, then of course I would highly recommend that you workout with the guidance of a professional – not at home.



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