Finally a look into what adidas HQ really looks like – prepare to be amazed. Sorry for the wait!



On Monday morning last week, we set off for Herzo, the home of adidas. Situated amongst endless green fields and fresh country air, the Global HQ is truly one of a kind. I didn’t have any expectations for adidas HQ – I went in with an open mind and purposefully refrained from research as I really wanted to be surprised upon arrival. What I can tell you is; adidas HQ is what dreams are made of.

The global team greeted us with open arms. They were so welcoming, which was extremely comforting! Soon after meeting my fellow bloggers and the rest of the adidas team we quickly refueled with a healthy breakfast of fruit and muesli in adidas’ cafeteria. In hindsight, we really needed the energy because we had a full day of styling, shooting and meetings ahead!



One of the things I adored about wandering around HQ was the initial tour of the “walk of fame”. We we able to see the evolution of the brand, styles made famous by star athletes, vintage pieces, logo concepts, the adidas timeline, stories about Adi Dassler (founder) and more. It was so fascinating to delve into adidas as a whole.




Some of my favourite features of HQ on day one were

  1. The size of HQ: The buildings are all spread out and separated by lush grass and trees. It really adds to the atmosphere and I got a real sense of healthy living based on this alone. They play host to a number of areas which promote their employees to break a sweat. The beach volleyball area and tennis court were amazing!
  2. The food: I am a foodie – there’s no point in telling you that I am not, because we both know I’d be lying. adidas have the most amazing cafeteria and it is filled with such a large variety of food. Day one I ordered a grilled chicken breast, salad and a bowl of vegetable. The good thing about their system is you can choose anything!
  3. Chatting to the designers: Day one I got to speak with Sandra (women’s training designer), Tillman ( women’s running designer), Geoffrey ( women’s shoe designer), Satwik (women’s accessories designer) about what is in store for spring/summer 2015! I got to preview / shoot and style a selection of pieces, which I can not wait to show you in due time! It was so nice to put a face to each department. You never really get to engage with the people who make the magic happen, so I really took a lot away from this session.
  4. Having free reign: I thoroughly enjoined my styling / blogger challenges. They were so much fun and I love the product which will be hitting in 2015.



The buildings are all spread out and separated by lush grass and trees. It really adds to the atmosphere and I got a real sense of healthy living based on this alone.


I loved meeting fellow bloggers and what was even better was they were all international girls! Alex from Fashercise (UK based) Faya from Fitness On Toast (UK based) Linda from Lindarella (Munich based) Fayho from With Love Fay (Singapore based) Natalia from Trendy Taste (Spain based)








You all know my love for sporty styling by now, and my outfit for day one was sticking true to this. I paired my favourite MLM shorts back with an adidas t-shirt, Hansen and Gretal blazer and new adidas kicks!

I have had such a fun week so far! Big thank you to the global team and Australian team – it has been such an amazing experience.

What I am wearing

adidas originals t-shirt, MLM the label shorts, adidas originals shoes adidas-12 adidas-14


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