My head is already thinking it is the weekend when in reality I still have six hours of work and then I have to pack this house up as we are moving in a week. GAH. Moving is for terrorists.


Things I am liking lately

  1. Alexa Chung “IT” Book. I have finished reading this, but I wish I hadn’t (in a good way – if that makes sense). It’s acceptable for my 2 year old nephew to want to read the same book every time I see him, so maybe it’s acceptable for me to read the same book weekly. On the other hand, he’s two years old, so what does he know?
  2. Triangl Underwear: It’s vibrant, playful and therefore the kind I like. So delighted that Triangl have thought to bring out underwear as well as their amazing swimmers.
  3. Pineapple candles: It’s a candle. It looks like a pineapple. What’s not to love?
  4. One Teaspoon Sunglasses: One Teaspoon have just launched their new eyewear range and these ones are my favourite!

Other things I am liking lately

  1. Dawson’s Creek re-runs: I never watched DC when it was on in 90’s/00’s, but Jonathan and I are watching through them now because we find it useful to keep abreast of popular culture. We watch it semi-intently but spend most of the time talking to the show –

    “If you’re all friends, why do you seem to hate each other?”,

    “Why are all your clothes so huge – were you all, like, two hundred kilos before the show started?”,

    “I am going to kill myself if I hear this theme song again”,

    (from season three) “I am going to kill myself if they don’t change the theme song back to the old song that I hated.”

    The show also allows us to travel through time. One minute Joey is deciding for the billionth time if she does or doesn’t love Dawson and then we’ll snap awake on the couch at 3am.

  2. Finding new food blogs: I love scrolling through food blogs – I can salivate all I want and not put on weight. These two sites are my favourites at the moment: HipsterFood, Not Without Salt
  3. Making yummy juices and photographing them for Instagram. Because, if it’s not on Instagram it basically doesn’t exist. AMIRITE? Follow on @substance_blog for some juice inspo, or as I like to call it #JUICESPO despite the vaguely off-putting title.
  4. A tumblr about Zooey Deschanel: Because I don’t find going through 50+ pages of one person creepy at all. If you too want to not be considered creepy, but not that creepy, check it here.
  5. This Swiden Wall Hanging: I’d like this for our new house. If you like Watermelons you’ll love this.
  6. Rachel from Oh No, Rachio Blog’s DIY Drawers: With moving house I am looking for new exciting ways to store things in my office. I think I am going to have to give these a whirl, or at least attempt to. I’ll probably end up painting my face.

Author: Ally Carey

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