It’s undeniable – there’s nowhere quite like the Snowy Mountains…in Summer.


We’ve been in Thredbo the past few days and I can’t tell you how much we both needed a pre-christmas getaway. Having a little break before the madness of Christmas arrived / end of year projects due was incredible. The plan was to fit in as much as possible into four days, which based on the reaction of my now exhausted body, we succeeded.

The Snowy Mountains are filled with fast flowing streams, a stunning national park, mountains, ancient snow gum trees and incredible rock formations – untapped beauty at its finest. As a child I had visited this region in both Summer and Winter (snow season) but obviously back then my appreciation levels were not quite like they are as an adult. Everything about the Snowies is just stunning.

Here is a guide of what to do, see and how to fill your time in Thredbo in Summer. Whether you’re traveling around Australia, or living here and in need of a little escape you’ll be utterly charmed.

PS: I hope you enjoy our photo diary!




Where is Thredbo

Thredbo is a five hour drive from Sydney, Australia, but we broke up the journey with a quick stop over in Canberra to visit some friends!


Take a walk up Mt Kosciuszko

Mt Kosciuszko is the tallest mountain in Australia. The walk is around a 13km round trip from the chairlifts and will take around 3-4 hrs to walk depending on how fast you are. It’s an easy walk and the scenery is stunning. My advice is to make sure you take a jumper up with you because it can get quite cold even if it’s 30+ degrees when you wake up. The altitude can make it quite chilly. Also worth taking: a packed lunch, sunscreen and lots of water!

Also: Use the stop at the top as a chance to re-apply sunscreen. At this point, we should have reapplied sunscreen. But we did not and we got VERY burnt.

There’s a little cafe at the base so we stopped in for a sneaky cider afterwards! #welldeserved

You can also book in for a guided tour. Our guide Flick was excellent and so friendly




Explore by bike

Another way to explore the valley is by bike. We did a 15km mountain bike ride on the valley trail which was very strenuous and not for people who aren’t confident on bikes. There is a lot of up and down hill areas and is quite rock intensive in parts. I was scared at the beginning and being the accident-prone person I am I thought for sure I would hurt myself – thankfully I didn’t. I managed to get through it! It’s basically all about being able to take control of the brakes and having the right body positioning when you go down hills.

I loved the sense of accomplishment at the end and it was great to face your fears, so I would definitely recommend this just to take yourself out of your comfort zone. If you haven’t ridden a bike in years, take that into consideration before you sign up!

Timing wise you can ride the 15km (one way on the track) in less than 2 hours and then be picked up by bus at the end.

Where to eat

Thredbo in Summer is a little different than in Winter. Some business’ are strictly Winter based because that is peak season. Things generally stay open til around 9pm for food. We ate at the bistro, pizza place and the Distillery (just outside of Thredbo), all of which were delicious. There are a lot of places to choose from within walking distance of all the hotels and other accommodation.

Take a ride on the chairlift

The Kosciuszko Express chairlift boasts incredible views and goes up to an altitude of 1930m. The last time I rode on it I had a snowboard hanging below me, so it was fun to experience it in Summer instead – for some reason the drop seems scarier in Summer compared to Winter. It’s definitely a must do!

Other activities: Abseiling, tennis, the leisure centre, golf, bob sleds, swimming pool, squash courts, kayaking and more.



It was around the 27 degrees Celsius mark each day we were there, so Thredbo can be quite hot and balmy in Summer.













With thanks to Thredbo Resort. This is not a sponsored post, but we would like to thank Thredbo for helping organise our visit.

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