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Last week I spoke about my winter skincare saviours. As well as keeping my skin glowing and hyper-hydrated, I’ve learned to properly take care of my hair over the past couple of years. My hair is actually quite curly. Not a lot of people realise this because I rarely, if ever, wear my natural curl. I always straighten it or add a loose wave. The only time I let it dry naturally is when I am at the beach in summer. Because I am constantly adding heat to my hair it is so important for me to deep condition, get regular trims and look after my hair. If I didn’t my hairdresser would kill me. Well, probably not kill but they would probably want to shave my head.

Having gone from my natural hair colour to blonde in the past year I have noticed subtle differences in my hair. For the most part my hair has maintained it’s strength, structure and quality thanks to using amonia free bleach, olaplex and the magic touch of Alan Buki and his partner Tiff. Even with their help though, I can tell when my hair begins to feel the effects of winter – I get fly-aways and my scalp becomes really, really itchy. Like, so itchy all I want to do is get a metal brush and scratch it. #sensitiveskin

On Saturday I got a new cut and colour and while I was waiting for the colour to develop, I was thinking through this blog post and making mental notes on how to be prepared for the cooler months. Dry, brittle hair doesn’t just occur in summer, it happens in winter too, so here are my tips on keeping things healthy, moisturised and protected all winter long.

(All my favourites that I am using at the moment are listed and photographed in this blog post)


Deep Condition

This is important year round, but you definitely need to up your moisture game. Man, these single digit days are already getting to me. For winter I love to use both a deep conditioner or a leave in treatment. I wash my hair twice a week usually and one of those nights I will use a treatment. I still remember in high school when I used to straighten my hair every single day and how bad my hair was. I had no idea what masks or treatments were until a friend told me about them. Thin, overly plucked eyebrows coupled with burnt hair, man I was a dreamboat.

Using: Christian Robin Hair Mask (ultra nourishing ladies!).

Use A Hair Oil

A hair oil creates a barrier between your hair and the elements – I love using moroccanoil still, but there are so many on the market these days. I use hair oil throughout winter to lock in the moisture. I tend to use this after I wash my hair and then the smallest, smallest amount after I finish styling.

Using: Moroccanoil Argon Oil

Use Protein Treatments

I remember my sister having to use a protein treatment circa 2003 when she was bleach blonde. I didn’t really use them when I was brunette as I didn’t feel like I needed them. Now being blonde, I figure it can’t hurt to use them! In winter I increase the frequency of my protein treatments – uh, that is when I don’t forget to use them. Let’s be honest, life gets in the way sometimes and it’s hard to keep things up!

Using: Evo Protein treatment

Eat Amazing Food & Keep Hydrated

Hair quality comes from within as well. You could be putting all the products in the world on your hair, but if your diet sucks, your hair will too. Be sure you’re eating foods rich in vitamins & minerals, as well as drinking a lot of water to keep your hair follicles healthy and hair growth consistent.


Get A Trim

I used to resist this so much growing up. I hated getting a trim as they always took too much off – kind of like Edward Scissor hands trimming a hedge. The thing is though, dry air means more split ends and more fly-aways. Getting a regular trim will help this. And contrary to what everyone thinks, trims don’t make your hair grow. It grows from your roots, not the ends. Cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t affect the follicles in your scalp.  But, Getting rid of split ends reduces hair breakage, and breakage is what makes hair look thinner at the ends. I think I learned that from Myth Buster.

I go to: Alan Buki (388 Oxford St Paddington Sydney)

Style Protection

Whoops – this was one I used to always skip. I kind of felt like it was redundant and thought “how much does that bottle really do?“. I now try and use a heat protecting spray when I style to help build a breakage barrier to beat all heat damage. I used to always buy the TRESemme branded one, but now just use a drugstore one or this Toni&Guy one.

Using: Toni & Guy Hair Prep

Switch Your Shampoo & Conditioner

In winter you need to replenish your hair due to the extreme temps and the dry air removing moisture from your hair. Switch to something moisturising instead of what you’ve been using over Summer and Autumn.

Using: Pure Hair Food – ALL NATURAL and CRUELTY FREE. This makes my hair feel so good and it has a wheat protein in it, so helps with treating your hair too – minus the nasties! PS: These are Australian made!

Banish The Dull

The effects of a dry, cold winter can also affect your hair colour, leaving it limp and dull. Prevent and protect with products for coloured hair to revitalize locks and add shine. Also add in a shine serum for that glossy look.

Using: Evo Shine Serum




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