If there is one thing which pops up on my instagram regularly it’s juice, cold pressed juice or someone partaking on a juice cleanse journey. I have been so curious about juice cleanses, as I had never done one before, so last week I did one to see what all the fuss was about.



I don’t have the best track record when it comes to moods when I am hungry. I generally get angry and start Hangry Ally surfaces. Despite all this I really wanted to do a cleanse – I figured it was the right time to do one as we’d only just moved into our new house so I hadn’t done any groceries – therefore I wouldn’t be tempted by any food in our house.


Before I begin, I just want to note that I do not condone cleanses or any other fad diets to my readers or online family. If you’re looking at reading this to gain insight into weight loss then I am sorry, this is not what this article is about. Long-term weight loss and maintenance can only be achieved through intentional lifestyle and behavioral changes, i.e, healthier (long term choices) and exercise. Unless you are going into a cleanse with with a clear long-term plan for your life afterwards; such as cutting out processed foods, reducing sugar and salt intake, a new fitness regime, a juice cleanse will serve no other purpose than temporary weight loss solution. No healthy benefits will be maintained unless you have a plan put in place for after your cleanse. Remember to make smart daily choices for better health, not just partake in “quick fixes”




I am so excited my juices have arrived – I went with a local Sydney brand called Lucky You Cleanse. They came in a cold bag and were left by my front door. There is 6 juices per day and I am going to be doing this for 3 days.I am hanging out for tomorrow to try all the flavours!


I took a quick read through the booklet with the juices to see the structure of the cleanse.


  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Smoothie
  3. Green Juice B
  4. Spicy Lemonade
  5. Red Juice
  6. Green Juice A
  7. Cashew Mylk


There are loads of different versions out there, but this is the one I went with! Their Instagram is lovely and they seem really personable!





8:00am: JD goes down stairs to make coffee and brings up an aloe vera elixir for me to consume for the day. It’s got quite a zing to it – almost vinegar like, so I drink it as fast as I can. I’m still in bed and it’s realllllly cold so it has me thinking about HOT breakfast foods, like porridge or bacon.


9:00am: It’s time for my first juice! I’m half way through and I realise I am drinking the wrong one…I am off to a great start. I was meant to have the Green smoothie, but I was tucked into the juice I was supposed to consume two hrs later. Sorry juice gods, I have already failed you.


Now, do I stop and change, or do I keep going?


10:15: I am pretty hungry now. I am on a bus atm on my way to a meeting and all I can think about it food and I was wishing I hadn’t stuffed up the whole smoothie / juice thing. Maybe I should’ve just swapped them out. Do you know what’s tasty? Food.


11:00am: Home just in time for my next juice, but, hooray I finally get to try the smoothie. Man, this is delicious. This is a lot thicker than the juice so it should keep my tied over to 1am.

I just realised how often I think about food throughout the day. I don’t know if that’s because a) I don’t have internet connected b) it’s like, minus 1 million degrees so food would be a great comfort right now or c) I just really like food.


1:00pm: Oh my god, Spicy Lemonade, where have you been all my life? You are so yummy. Oh, by the way this is drink three. I’m full of liquid and if you must know my toilet activities for today, they have been frequent. And by frequent I mean incredibly frequent – also, we’re talking strictly number ones here.


2:00pm: There is a lady on the train eating sushi. Go away lady with sushi you are not welcome here.


3:00pm: I am nervous about drinking this one right now – I am wearing all white and this juice is very, very red. And because I am quite hungry right now, I can not afford any spillage.


3:10pm: I just finished the juice – no spillage, no dry cleaner visit necessary. Also: In the cleanse guide from Lucky You Cleanse they mention that you need to chew all juices / smoothies to aid your digestion. Have you ever chewed liquid? It is quite a bizarre feeling!


4:00pm: All I can think about is the Cashew Mylk I get to have for dinner. I think that it’s instinct for me to be thinking about what I would be cooking for dinner at around this time so I can get to the shops before peak hour.


5:00pm: End of the day and I am quite tired. I looked at the back of each jar I had consumed today and I am well below the normal amount of calories I would generally have at this time of day, so I don’t know if I am tired because it’s been a stressful few days of moving, or if I haven’t consumed enough VS the activities I have been doing. I have a really fast metabolism. My juice right now is another green juice and it’s refreshing!


6:00pm: We walk up to Woollies to grab JD some dinner ingredients. I have a heightened sense of smell. Everything smells so yummy. I figure it’s an evolutionary trait from when we were hunters and gatherers. Damn, I could so go a freshly baked muffin. Woolies what are you doing to me? I really should’ve just stayed home.


7:00pm: JD is making himself dinner and it’s smelling so yummy. It’s really cold tonight and we haven’t bought a heater for our new place so all I want to do is eat something warm. Pumpkin soup would go down a treat…but instead I am going to tuck into some Cashew Mylk – I have been hanging out for this ALL DAY.


7:30pm: JD and I have “dinner” together. The Cashew Milk is so yummy – I wasn’t expecting it to be so sweet – but it does have dates in it, so that’s where the sweetness is coming from.


8:00pm: Enough time has passed to see how full I am feeling. I feel a different type of full – it’s filling, but I don’t feel heavy full, so I guess that is a good thing. I figured by this time I would be on the brink of starvation by bedtime.



I went into this with little expectations. I have had friends do juice cleanses but I think everyone has different coping mechanisms and metabolisms so results are all different. Day 1 has been tough for me, I have found myself thinking about food a lot and I have been hungry in between juices. I haven’t felt in control – I need to embrace this a lot more and focus.






8:00am: Someone feed me. I had night sweats last night and trust me it’s been freezing so there’s no reason for me to have had them other than a side effect. I did read about that in the guidebook, so I was expecting something. Other than a little headache this morning, my body it handling this whole juice thing okay (except the hunger). I miss chewing.


8:05am: Downing this elixir like I haven’t eaten in 5 days. I knew what to expect today, so the taste was actually nice.


9:00am: Okay, so I totally got this right today – 50 points to gryffindor. So much better starting the day with a smoothie – I actually feel satisfied.


10:00am: Today feels like it’s going to be the hardest day. I know I just need to push through and get to the end..It’s so very hard though.


10:30am: Leaving the house to head out to meetings. I grabbed my 11:00 juice to have on the go. I decided to walk the last 15 mins of the trip so it took my mind off the food and help the headache i’ve had since this morning.


11:00am: Green juice on the go. SnapChat upload. Facebook upload. My phone bill is gon’ be high this month.


1:00pm: Spicy Lemonade time… Caught in a conversation about Beyonce and her diet for that movie I have forgotten the name of. If I had internet I would Google it.


1:30pm: Caught up with a friend for coffee..Oh wait I can’t drink that!! She said I was allowed herbal teas, so she went bang up to my number one friend right here and now. Anyone who tells me I can have something HOT after 1 and a half days of cold juice is a friend of mine.


3:00pm: Home – now red juice time.


4:00pm: Caught myself staring into space. NOTE: We still have no internet until next Thursday, so it’s been tough to get work done and to stay focused.


5:00pm: Started reading Steve Jobs biography.


7:00pm: I just woke up from a two hour sleep – I have missed out on some Green Juice and now it’s time for my Cashew Mylk so I am going to have to add an extra hour on to today. I am STARVING because of this.


I want to emphasise the importance of listening to your body. I slept because I needed to, so make sure you listen to yours.


8:00pm: Cashew Mylk and I am struggling to get through it tonight. Probably because my stomach is already full from an hour ago.



I definitely found today hard too. I am normally a mind over matter girl, but this has been exceptionally hard. I am feeling flat in the stomach, it’s helped out on the bloating front. I was less hungry today than yesterday, so I think I made it over the imaginary hump.


I really enjoyed the juices today – I knew what to expect so I think my taste buds were more in-tune to the flavours.




7:30am: This morning was the first morning I didn’t wake up hungry.


8:00am: Elixir and herbal tea time. IT’S NOT CHEATING WE’VE JUST BEEN THROUGH THIS. Don’t argue with me, I haven’t eaten in three days. I’m not too sure who I am talking to right now.


9:00am: Last day of a smoothie. I basically inhaled it. If the glass was edible I would have eaten that too.


10:00am: I’m tired and already thinking of the next juice I can drink.  I’ve complained today to JD about wanting to be finished… In my mind though I know I am SO close to completing this cleanse and it’ll be such a great feeling of accomplishment once I’m done. I am complaining, but it’s my way of coping and I want some encouragement.


11:00am: I really would like something salty right now. Or savory – just something that has a crunch to it.


11:15am: There’s a lady on the seat next to me (on the train) and she’s eating a bag of snakes at 11:00 in the morning. Who are you lady. Please move the another carriage before I launch myself at you.


11:45am: Home from early meetings – I have a surprisingly large amount of energy, but I know I will crash soon. I quickly drink / chew my way through my 5th last juice of the cleanse.


1:00pm: I made JD try the spicy lemonade just now. He liked it too. I reallly like this one and would make it or buy it on it’s own.


3pm: I just want it to be done…The good news is I will be done in 4 hrs. What should my first meal be?


4pm: On the phone to mum talking about food. STOP MUM.


5pm: Rugged up under a blanket on the couch debating whether or not to walk down stair for my second last juice….I have come this far, I have to.


7pm: I have made it to my last dinner of juice… My gosh! Who would have thought I would make it to the end.


8pm: “JD can I have some toast?”



I am definitely lighter. I didn’t weigh myself as I don’t own scales or believe in weighing yourself daily, but I can tell by the way my body feels that I have lost weight. My stomach feels empty even though it’s not – and it’s a nice feeling. From here I know that I have reset my eating habits and amount of food I would consume at one time. It was a tough three days that’s for sure, but I have come out the other end with a clear goal of maintaining my healthy way of eating. I never went into this wanting to lose weight as I didn’t need to,  I wanted it to be a way to reset my eating habits and a little experiment for you guys too!




  1. I wish I had have done more research prior to the cleanse and it was a little naive of me not to. It was a little bit of a shock to my system – I would ease into one in the days before the cleanse instead of going cold turkey on something.
  2. I would only do these in Summer or weather I could warm myself up in. My body temperature was very low throughout this cleanse. I wasn’t burning enough energy through digestion or consuming hot foods to warm me up.
  3. My energy levels weren’t high. I read prior to the cleanse that your energy levels will be higher, but I didn’t find that at all. I was very lethargic and I fell asleep one afternoon at 5pm, which I would never normally do.
  4. I think about food a lot!! I like to plan food / meals ahead of time and I found that I was still doing that when I was cleansing. That was a hard adjustment.
  5. Attitude is everything. One day one I found it such a shock and I wasn’t expecting it to be. I should have changed my attitude and embraced it more, but I found that really hard to do when I was hungry.
  6. Cleansing is not the solution to long term weight loss or long term fitness goals. Yes I lost weight in the three days, but you shouldn’t rely on this. You’re losing water weight and as soon as you start eating again you may put this back on. Instead, you should be eating a balanced diet and implement a good workout plan.
  7. Juice cleanses are a good way to reset your eating habits. I found that the weeks leading up to the cleanse my eating had been average because of the move. The cleanse helped me reset my eating habits. I felt that because I had eaten (whoops I mean drank) so many healthy juices I needed to maintain that level of health.
  8. Drinking juices helps you realise you should be drinking more throughout the day!
  9. I don’t think there are long term benefits from a cleanse. There are definitely short term results like: Less bloating, re-hydration, clear skin… But this all goes away.
  10. I wish there was a juice cleanse that incorporated broth like soups for Winter – it would definitely make it more bearable in colder weather.
  11. You have to listen to your body – if it wants you to rest then rest.
  12. Juice cleanses are hard. There are so many things online, but I didn’t come across one person saying they were tough, really. I can’t imagine I was the first person to feel this way, so, if you are looking at doing one, know that you could find it tough.
  13. I really liked that everything was done for me… I think if it was left up to me to juice each juice I wouldn’t have made it past day 1.


I’d love to hear your experiences with juicing! Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Or do you juice regularly?


*this post is my own opinion and was not sponsored

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  1. Thank you for the disclaimer! We definitely think the same when it comes to ‘diets’ or ‘cleanses’ to lose weight. After all, shouldn’t we just be aiming to be the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves? ANYWAY, like you, all I could think about is eating my dinner while reading this, but strangely crave juice too, hahah.

    I like the idea of doing a cleanse to stop unhealthy cravings though. I don’t think I would make it passed day 1 though. Maybe one day I’ll try it. Maybe not.

    Thanks for sharing Ally! A very entertaining read.


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