A fresh list of links to sink you digital teeth into this week

1. Books

Rare Undercover books; Chaos/Balance. This is published in limited edition numbers of 700 by Taro Mitzutani. I love Paris and it’s so interesting to see it through his eyes.

2. The Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet: If you have been listening to The Teacher’s Pet, you will probably already be well abreast of the new chilling details of the case. Chris Dawson was taken into police custody yesterday, Australian time and it is only the beginning of what is yet to come. If you haven’t listened, it is well worth your time, not only is it compelling, but journalist Hedley Thomas and producer Slade Gibson have won the nation’s most prestigious award in journalism, the Gold Walkley. So you know you’re on to a great thing. In the way of keeping tabs; you can do that here.

3. The Shining Sequel

One of my favourite horror films is The Shining and they have just finished wrapping the sequel. Will it be terrible? I hope not.

4. Mediocre Premium Fashion

This article is very interesting. It speaks whole truths about how mediocre premium fashion has, in fact, conquered the world. It has some really valid points, such as:  “We live in a world where many people feel entitled to luxury. Treating oneself has become the norm. Saving money to buy, well, pretty much anything, feels like an outdated notion…”, and also “The logo is key, because in the age of Instagram, where people curate their lives in two dimensions on a small screen, the logo is more important than the product itself…”

5. 42 Journalists

In the era of fake news…There is a lot of great quotes within the article.

Art: Kit Agar

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