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6 ways To Create A New Look For Summer

Truth bomb – I have a love hate relationship with Summer.


Truth bomb – I have a love hate relationship with Summer. On one hand I love going to the beach and being all carefree and outdoorsy, but, on the other hand I hate the heat. Let’s face it, sweating and getting a burnt isn’t exactly fun. AMIRITE? I find myself constantly struggling between having serious beach FOMO and also keeping my sanity. Usually the beach wins and I am always glad once I am there.

I’ve recently moved into a new house and it isn’t really equipped for the 37+ degree celsius we’ve been experiencing the last few weeks here in Sydney. I have a fan, but I’m almost certain it circulates warm air.

*wipes droplets off top lip while writing this*.

Summer really mandates so many things for us; how we wear our hair, which fabrics we can wear and whether or not we can spend time outdoors. Today I have broken down some ways to create a new look this summer and also make summer dressing a proverbial breeze for you. Pun intended.




I don’t know about you but when the seasons change I crave dramatic change. To create a new look for summer either go for choppy layers to keep you cool or add in some highlights for that “I have been sitting on the beach all day” look. I also love going dark during summer because it looks stunning against a tan!

Because the elements are already harsh on your locks, try to be really minimal with your styling and opt for natural waves or embrace your straight hair!


I am a sucker for bold glasses. This is one things I invest in each year to really reinvent my wardrobe. It’s the easiest way to make old outfits feel new and fooling people into thinking you have bought an entire new wardrobe.

I picked up three new frames from Sunglass Hut ahead of Summer and have worn them all religiously over the past two months. Wearing glasses also means you can get away with no makeup on the weekends!!

I opt for a metal frame or metal detailing where I can, it automatically dresses up even the most casual of outfits!

Pair one: Miu Miu – I was drawn to the cut off lens. They’re definitely classic pair!
Pair two: Ray Ban – Gold is my favourite metal when it comes to sunglasses and the shape of these add some a refreshing touch to every outfit I wear them with!
Pair three: Ray Ban – The glasses of the moment! I wear these to the beach. I love the reflective lens
Pair four: Prada – I love these all black ones for when I am wearing anything from tailored pieces to dresses. They are so versatile and the metal frame is sophisticated and edgy all at once.





For me, I instantly feel fresher with a tan. I am naturally very pale and while there is nothing wrong with this at all, it’s always nice to mix things up! Bondi Sands and Le Tan are my favourites. I love the Ultra Dark. It’s the perfect shade!


This one is goes without saying. I love introducing fresh new summer fabrics. This year I have been loving linens and soft cottons. Linen makes me feel like I should’ve listened to my mother years ago – she has an affinity for linen.


I love doing this one! I love cutting maxi dresses shorter, fraying denim, making my own cut-offs etc. Give old clothes new life! I haven’t done this one this season, but I really need to get back into re-purposing things – I used to sew a lot!! I may even do some tutorials for you!


Hats are the easiest way to add personality to a summer wardrobe – from caps, to felt hats there’s one for every outfit! My go-to’s at the moment are caps and straw hats! Camilla & Marc and Lack of Color are my go-to brands.


When it comes to summer shoes, there are so many options. I still remember circa 2009-2012 there were only really crappy sandals that really don’t suit my thin foot. Anything that makes my foot look longer and thing is a no, no from me. Again, shoes are a failsafe way to revamp your existing wardrobe!

Brands like Tony Bianco, Raye The Label and Wittner do great slides, espadrilles and of course all the cult favourite sport brands do great sneakers.






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