How many dressy outfits do I keep out. Will I need 5 different coloured coats? Will there be a legitimate need of every single one of my pairs of white sneakers? et cetera, et cetera.

Here’s what I have learned in the past fortnight.


Before we moved out of our place two weeks ago I began to stress that it would be really hard to organise my clothing, given that I was going to be living out of a suitcase from the end of Aug-Oct, then again from Oct-Nov. It’s the first time I have done this in my entire life.

In preparation for this move I knew I had to reduce the size of my wardrobe and keep aside the key items I wanted to wear for the first half of this nomadic time. With this came slight panic attacks. It’s so hard to pack your clothes away or throw them out when you don’t know what your next few months look like. It’s too hard to assess what occasions you have coming up that far in advance. How many dressy outfits do I keep out. Will I need 5 different coloured coats? Will there be a legitimate need of every single one of my pairs of white sneakers? et cetera, et cetera.





Here are some things I have learned this past week. These will apply to anyone who is a) traveling b) house sitting and c) living out of a suitcase for whatever reason.

  1. Whatever you do, do not pack items that you have had sitting at home and haven’t had a chance to wear or aren’t sure about. This realllllly isn’t the time to attempt a new trend or silhouette. I’m looking right at you matching two piece crop and skirt.
  2. Do not pack shoes you know never wear. Why I packed two pairs of chuck taylors and a pair of heels I got last year and haven’t worn in months, I have NO idea. Don’t be stupid like me.
  3. Do pack staple items: Leather jacket, t-shirts, jeans, denim cut offs, slip dresses, blouse etc, etc. These items are a bloody godsend and you can create endless variations with them. Exhibit A – the outfit I am wearing in this blog post, could also be worn with heels and a blazer.
  4. Do pack more than one pair of jeans or shorts. If you love them, it makes sense to pack more of them. These are practical pieces you can guarantee you’ll wear.
  5. Do stick to a colour theme. Now is not the time to introduce 7 mismatch colours – when living out of a suitcase I definitely recommend living by the cardinal rule of every piece should be interchangeable with each other. Stick with neutrals.
  6. Do not over pack swimwear and exercise outfits. These items dry so quickly, so don’t over pack these items. Just wash them regularly and you’ll be fine. Opt for all black so you don’t get sick of in your face prints or colours.

What are your rules or tricks to packing a suitcase for an extended period of time?  I’d love to hear about them!


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Bassike Tshirt, Denim X Alexander Wang Shorts, Windsor Smith Slides, Status Anxiety Bag, Amber Sceats Earrings











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3 thoughts on “6 Tips To Make Living Out Of A Suitcase Easy”

  1. Such great tips, I also love the outfit! When I went to Australia for a month I only had a small suitcase, everybody thought I was nuts… But to be honest: I didn’t even wear all of the stuff I took with me. Because, like you, I always only wear my favorites.

    xoxo, Malina

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