I think it’s so important to create a sanctuary that you feel calm and comfortable in. Somewhere you can relax and unwind.




When I was roughly 10 years old, I began to realise I could have my room however I wanted to. I didn’t need my parents to have my room a certain way. I used to move my room around constantly. I loved changing the position of my bed, desk and dressing table. My parents however, didn’t like the scratches on the wooden floor boards. When a new month rolled around I would buy a new copy of TV Hits magazine and then change my posters and stickers wall into whatever was new as long as it was Backstreet Boys, S Club 7 or Five. As you can tell I have impeccable taste in music.

When I became a teen, I used to have a photo wall of all my friends, quotes and my own artwork. My mum started to take me shopping for new bedding, a new bed and other “cool” things. If memory serves me, I was completely obsessed with this pink and purple paisley printed doona cover and as soon as it was clean and dry it went straight back on my bed.

I think it’s so important to create a sanctuary that you feel calm and comfortable in. Somewhere you can relax and unwind.

Now as a twenty-something year old, I still love to decorate – however, now I have a whole house to play with (Insert Mr. Burns excellent hands here).


I think everyone gets the urge to give our interior schemes a refresh from time to time. Aside from clothing and shoe shopping, interior shopping is also a love of mine. If anything, I think I like it even more, because it’s creating a beautiful space for my husband, friends and family to enjoy. I tell myself this, so I don’t feel guilty. I give you full permission to use this excuse to. #GirlCode

I love to add new items to my house to make a room feel more current and fresh. Sometimes it may be a new plant, other times we may introduce a new piece from IKEA or a gorgeous vintage find. It’s always fun to find a new corner to put things in.

Below is a list of 6 styling tips which will help you breathe new life into your home, no matter what your budget is.



Move around your existing furniture

Sometimes, all a room needs for a refresh is a little bit of thought. Look at your key pieces and think of a new way to configure the room. Move your couch, move your dresser. As simple as this is, it really does make a difference.

Buy some plants

I find the easiest way to make a room feel alive and fresh is to introduce some greenery. I freaking LOVE plants as all my friends and family can attest. Though, in saying that, they can probably attest to the fact I am over zealous when it comes to watering my little plant babies, so this is why they tend to be short lived.

Play close attention to the smaller detail

We don’t all have extra money to spend on furniture on a regular basis, so I think updating the finer details in your home to be the most effective way to redecorate. Updating the finer details is often a cost effective way of changing the feel of a room and making your space feel more current. I love adding bowls, candles, candle holder or things to add to my coffee table.

Here are a few of my favourites from the recent collaboration between Swedish fashion and textile designer Martin Bergström and IKEA; The SVARTAN range.

When it comes to home decor, I love neutrals as they are so versatile and create a great base. This collection is inspired by the textures of India, they created a contemporary collection without any colour aside from black, white and shades of grey.



Add some flowers

…because why not?

Update your textiles

I love everything about throw rugs, cushions, linen. A great thing to keep in mind is bedding, throw rugs and cushions are generally less expensive than other interior items so you can have fun and try out some trend based items.

I am loving these new pieces from the SVARTAN range at IKEA.

Decorate with books

One thing JD and I have said we love to invest in, is books. The other is great artwork. Both of our collections are slowing growing, but both things are something we can have in our house forever. Books are food for the brain and I think they look great in a living room or bedroom.




I hope these tips have helped you! What tips do you swear by for redecorating your home?


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