Isn’t it funny how your style evolves over any given period? I have had such an aversion to dresses and skirts for so long now, so much so, my entire wardrobe is basically tailored pants and jeans. If you look back through images or delve into the depths of my wardrobe, which I highly suggest you don’t unless you are good at orienteering as you will get lost. It’s a black hole of nothingness. When I say nothingness, I actually mean it in the sense of, that’s where a lot of past seasons go to die. There is actually an abundance of clothing, but it is, in a way, a place where nothingness is cultivated. I guess, you could say I am the stereotypical girl; buys clothes, but tends to only wear a select few things, every clothing cycle.

Lately I have been gravitating towards skirts. They have finally made their way back into my wardrobe years later. I am not sure what started my aversion to skirts, maybe the fact I wore them all through high-school, so I created distance from thereon. I think over the years as well I have always thought that skirts were ultra-feminine, which does not suit me.

The great thing about it being Spring here in Australia is we are transitioning into warmer weather (FINALLY) and we have such a gamut of skirt styles to choose from and their is plethora of ways to style them. My favourite pieces to pair back with skirts will always be something with a masculine edge; sneakers, structured tops and T-shirts.

This season skirts will no doubt be my wardrobe staple (sorry denim), as I have a new found appreciation for the classic, vintage style silhouettes like the Maje Paris one I am wearing in today’s blog post.


timeless skirt outfit


timeless skirt outfit

timeless skirt outfit


Michael Kors Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, Maje Skirt, Mon Purse Bag, Sportsgirl Sneakers

Photos: My bestie bloody did it! She did! Thanks Haz. And also a self portrait is in the mix!

Author: Ally Carey

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