A little round up of links I have found interesting and bookmarked for you


1/ Having just got back from Europe, I wish I had’ve seen this before I left. I always wear fine necklaces by Sarah And Sebastian and Reliquia and they love to knot around each other. Here is a hot little tip that will help whenever you travel.

2/ If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I have been making a chick soup for the past two months (every week almost!!). I found this variation today and it has some added tortellini for extra comfort when it’s freezing. I will definitely be giving this recipe a try asap!

3/ I had no idea this applied when you travel, you may be a little more clued on when it comes to Passports etc, but if not, take a look at this article!

5/ I have been journaling again after a short hiatus. I read this piece by Marc and Angel the other day and thought you may find it useful! There are some great prompts which will help ease your mind! Take a look here!

6/ I feel like it has been abnormally warm over the last few weeks. Europe was like the centre of the sun, and since returning to Sydney, I feel like it’s not quite Winter. I was reading about how hot it’s been around the world in this article yesterday – it’s a little roundup of all the bad heatwaves around the world, which is kind of mind-bending.

7/ Mentalfloss is a cool site when you’re bored and want to read interesting facts and I love this random fact generator! 

8/ Ernest Hemingway Guide To Life: Quotes about life.




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